Yamaha G1 Manual 1964-1966 Motorcycle Service Repair

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This Yamaha G1 Manual has been written by Yamaha Motor Company for use by Authorized Yamaha Dealers and their qualified mechanics. In light of this purpose it has been assumed that certain basic mechanical precepts and procedures inherent to the product are already known and understood by the reader. Without such basic knowledge, repairs or service to this model may render the machine unsafe, and for this reason it is advised by Yamaha that all repairs and/or service be performed by an Authorized Yamaha dealer who is in possession of the requisite basic product knowledge.

This Yamaha G1 Manual 1964-1966 Motorcycle Repair provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for the following motorcycles:

1964 Yamaha MG1-T 80

1965 Yamaha YGS1-T

1965 Yamaha YGS1

1965 Yamaha YG1T

1965 Yamaha YG1S

1966 Yamaha YG1KT

1966 Yamaha YG1KS.

Please note that this book is out of print and available as a high quality reproduction only.

Yamaha G1 Manual 1964-1966 Motorcycle Repair Table of Contents

General Information

Features Of The Yamaha YG-1

Yamaha YG-1 Specifications

Performance Of Yamaha YG-1

Rotary Valve


Cylinder And Piston

Crank And Crankcase


Transmission And Shifter

Carburetor And Air Cleaner


Handlebars And Wires

Front Fork

Rear Arm

Rear Cushion Unit

Fuel Tank And Seat

Stands And Brake Pedal

Drive Chain

Front And Rear Wheels

Yamaha G1 Manual 1964-1966 Motorcycle Repair Electrical System

General Descritionn

Parts List

Ignition And Charging Circuits

Lamp And Signal Circuits

Inspection And Maintenance

Periodic Inspection

Tools And Gauge

Yamaha YG-1 Check List

Engine Does Not Start

Loss In Speed Or Power

Engine Is Scorched At High Speed

Clutch Does Not Work Well

Gear Change Pedal Does Not Work Well

Engine Makes Strange Noise

Handling Is Not Good

Cushion Is Not Good

Brake Does Not Work Effectively

Charging Is Not Good

Head Lamp Is Dim

Auto-Lube (Yamaha Oil Injection System)

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