Tractor Inspection Check List

Whether you have purchased a brand new or used tractor it is important to carry out an inspection of the vehicle to make sure certain items have been checked or adjusted properly. If the tractor is new ask for a Pre-Delivery Inspection Check List and make sure all the items have been signed off on. Operating any equipment that has not been inspected in unsafe and could cause personal damage, injury or death. Here are some common items that should be inspected and or adjusted before operation.

Engine Inspection

Radiator Filled with Coolant
Cooling System Connections are Tight
Fan and Alternator Belt Tension
Engine Oil Full to Correct Level
All Oil Drain Plugs Tight
Oil Pressure Within Specification
Engine RPM at Idle
Engine RPM at Full Throttle
Governor Performance
Electrical Connections
Air Filter Installed and Clean
Air Cleaner Connections Tight
Fuel Line Connections Tight
Injection Pump Oil Full

Chassis Inspection

Tire Inflated to Proper PSI
Front Wheel Hub Bolts Tight
Wheel Rim and Hub Bolts (Rear)
Torque all Chassis Bolts
Central Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
Brake Pedal Free-Travel
Clutch Pedal Free-Travel
Hydraulic System Performance
Drive Test
Lubricate all Fittings
Is Operator’s Manual with Tractor?
Front Axle Oil Reservoirs (Four-Wheel Drive)

Take the time to properly carry out these checks yourself or find a qualified technician who can do the job for you. A little care now will make for a safe, enjoyable ownership experience.

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