Oliver & Cockshutt 1365 1370 Tractor Parts Manual

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This 256 page, Oliver & Cockshutt 1365 1370 Tractor Parts Manual contains numbered pictures giving you great detail on assembly and disassembly and also gives you a guide, with numbers, for ordering parts, and makes you seem much more informed when talking to the dealer.

Covers the  following tractors:

Oliver & Cockshutt 1370
Oliver & Cockshutt 1365

ALPHABETICAL INDEX – Accelerator Linkage, Aid Ether Starting, Aid Low Temperature Starting, Air Cleaner, Alternator, Alternator Support, Arm Rocker, Axle Carrier Rear, Axle Front – 2WD, Axle Front – 4WD, Axle Shaft Front -4WD, Axles Rear, Battery Box, Bearing Conn Rod, Bearing Main, Belt Fan, Brake Hand, Brakes And Linkage, Box Tool, Camshaft, Camshaft Drive, Carrier Rear Axle, Case Front Planetary, Case Rear Planetary, Cleaner Air, Clutch And Release Control Engine, Clutch And Transmission Housing, Clutch Release Controls PTO, Connecting Rod And Bearings, Controls Hand Brake, Control Lever – 4WD, Control PTO, Control Reduction Gear, Control Reduction Gear Creeper Drive, Coolant Heater, Coupling Power-Lift, Cover Crankcase Front, Cover Crankcase Rear, Cover Rocker Arm, Crankcase, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Gear, Current Generating System, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Power Steering – 2WD, Cylinder Power Steering – 4WD, Cylinder Sleeve, Damper Vibration, Decals, Differential Rear, Differential – 4WD, Differential Lock, Dipstick Engine Oil, Disconnect PTO, Distributor Valve, Drawbar, Drive Case Rear Planetary, Drive Gears And Case Front Planetary -4WD, Drive Gears Rear Planetary, Drive Injection Pump, Drive Shaft – 4WD, Engine, Engine Starting Equipment, Engine Valves, Exhaust Pipe, Fan, Filter Fuel, Filter Engine Oil, Flasher, Flood Lamp, Flywheel, Frame Rear, Front Axle – 2WD, Front Axle – 4WD, Front Axle Shaft – 4WD, Front Frame Weights, Front Planetary Drive Gears And Case – 4WD, Front Wheels, Front Wheels – 4WD, Fuel Injection System, Fuel Tank And Lines, Gear Assembly Leveling, Gear Camshaft, Gear Crankshaft, Gear Flywheel, Gears And Case Front Planetary Drive -4WD, Gears Rear Planetary Drive, Gears Reduction, Gears Reduction Creeper Drive, Gear Shift Lever Transmission, Gear Steering, Gears Timing, Gears Transmission, Grille And Side Panels, Guards Wheel, Hand Brake, Head Cylinder, Heater Coolant, Hitch Three-Point, Hitch Three-Point High Clearance, Horn, Hood And Instrument Panel, Housing Clutch And Transmission, Hydraulic And Power Steering Pump Drive, Hydraulic Lift Additional Power Outlet Unit, Hydraulic Lift Inner Controls, Hydraulic Lift Outer Controls, Hydraulic Lift System, Hydraulic Pump,, Idler Gear Case – 4WD, Idler Gears – 4WD, Injection Nozzle Holder,,, Injection Pump And Lines,, Injection Pump Drive, Injector Fuel, Instruments, Instrument Panel, Intake And Exhaust Manifolds, Lamp Flood,, Lamp Tail,,, Level Gauge Engine Oil, Leveling Gear Assembly,, Lever Control – 4WD, Lift Coupling,, Lift System Hydraulic, Lifter Body, Lifter Ram And Links, Light System, Linkage Accelerator, Linkage Power Steering – 2WD, Linkage Power Steering – 4WD, Lock Differential, Main Bearings, Manifold Intake And Exhaust, Motor Starting,, Muffler, Muffler Vertical Exhaust, Nozzle Holder,,, Oil Filter Engine, Oil Pan And Crankcase Rear Cover, Oil Pump Engine,, Panel Instrument, Pan Oil, Pin Piston, Pipe Exhaust, Piston, Planetary Drive Case – Rear, Planetary Drive Gears And Case Front-4WD, Planetary Drive Gears Rear, Platform, Power Steering Pump Cylinder And Lines – 2WD, Power Steering Pump Cylinder And Lines – 4WD, Power Steering Linkage – 2WD, Power Steering Linkage – 4WD, Power Take-Off, Power Take-Off Clutch Release Controls, Power Take-Off Disconnect, Pump Hydraulic Lift,, Pump Injection,, Pump Engine Oil,, Pump Power Steering,, Pump Power Steering – 4WD,, Pump Primer,, Pump Water,, Radiator, Rear Axles, Rear Differential, Rear Frame, Rear Planetary Drive Case, Rear Planetary Drive Gears, Rear Wheels And Weights, Reduction Gears, Reduction Gears Creeper Drive, Reduction Gear Control, Reduction Gear Control Creeper Drive, Reservoir Power Steering,, Ring Gear, Rings Piston, Rocker Arms, Rod Connecting, Seat, Shaft Rocker Arm, Shift Lever Transmission Gear, Shifter Rods And Forks Transmission, Signaling Devices, Sleeve Cylinder, Starting Aid, Starting Equipment, Starting Motor,, Steering Gear, Steering Knuckle -4WD, Steering Wheel, Steps, Switch Ignition, Switch Light, Tail Lamp, Tank Fuel, Tappet, Thermostat, Three-Point Hitch, Three-Point Hitch – High Clearance, Throttle Linkage, Timing Gear, Tool Box, Transmission, Transmission Gear Shift Lever, Transmission Shifter Rods And Forks, Valves Engine Vibration Damper, Voltage Regulator, Water Pump, Weights Front Frame, Weights Front Wheel – 2WD, Wheel Guards And Steps, Wheels Front – 4WD, Wheels Front – 2WD, Wheels And Weights Rear, Wheel Steering

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