Oliver OC-4, OC-46 Crawler Tractor Service Manual


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This Oliver OC-4 OC-46 manual covers the following information:

MAINTENANCE, LUBRICATION, Engine, Power Train, Loader (OC-46)

TRACKS AND TRACK FRAME, ADJUSTMENT, Track Tension, Inspection, OVERHAUL, Tracks, Grousers, Track Frame

ENGINE, Identification, Condensed Service Data, REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION, Engine Removal, Engine Mounts, Engine Installation, OVERHAUL, Cylinder Head, Timing Gear Cover and Crankshaft Front Oil Seal, Timing Gears, Camshaft, Camshaft Bearings, Pistons Rings and Cylinder Sleeves, Crankshaft and Main Bearings, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal, Oil Pan, Oil Pressure, Oil Pump, Flywheel, SEQTIQN IV-GOVERNOR, Adjust I, R&R and Overhaul

FUEL SYSTEM, DIESEL MODELS, Condensed Service Data, TROUBLE SHOOTING, Starting Problems, Operating Problems, FILTERS AND BLEEDING, Filters, Bleeding, OVERHAUL, Hand Primer Pump, Injection Nozzles, Injection Pump, Throttle Control Unit, Cold Starting Unit, GASOLINE MODELS, CARBURETOR, Adjustment, Overhaul, FUEL PUMP, Remove and Reinstall, Overhaul

COOLING SYSTEM, Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, Circuit Description, Condensed Service Data, OVERHAUL, Battery, Starting Motor, Solenoid, Magnetic Switch, Generator, Voltage Regulator, Engine Hour Meter, Lighting Circuit, IGNITION DISTRIBUTOR, Remove and Reinstall, Ignition Timing, Overhaul

ENGINE CLUTCH, AND COMPONENTS, Pedal Adjustment, Remove and Reinstall, Overhaul

MAIN TRANSMISSION AND, DIFFERENTIAL STEERING UNIT, DIFFERENTIAL STEERING UNIT, Remove and Reinstall, OVERHAUL, Planetary Steering, Clutch Steering, MAIN TRANSMISSION, Remove and Reinstall, Overhaul, Bevel Gears, AUXILIARY TRANSMISSION, Remove and Reinstall, OVERHAUL, Travel Reverser, Slo-Lo

FINAL DRIVES, Remove and Reinstall, Overhaul

BRAKES, Adjust, Remove and Reinstall, Overhaul

BELT PULLEY AND PTO, Remove and Reinstall, Overhaul

LOADER HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, Condensed Service Data, TROUBLE SHOOTING, Operational Checks, System Tests and Adjustments, OVERHAUL, Control Valve, Hydraulic Pump and Drive Assembly, Bucket Relief Valve, Main Relief Valve, Lift Cylinders, Bucket Cylinders

CHASSIS, Model OC-4, Model OC-46

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