Oliver 1850 1950 Service Manual

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This 572 page, Oliver 1850 1950 Service Manual has been provided for use by qualified service personnel engaged in servicing and over- hauling 1850-1950 tractors. Subject matter in this publication is not recommended for use by field operator who does not usually have access to special tools and shop, equipment essential for most service operations. Service procedures outlined herein contain sufficient information to return all component parts of a tractor to new condition. In discussion of each component part, it is assumed that a complete overhaul is being performed and, consequently, complete disassembly and reassembly are outlined. The mechanic is relied upon to decide how far disassembly must be carried when complete overhaul is not required. An issue date has been printed near lower inside corner of each page.  Study unfamiliar service procedures thoroughly and have them well in mind before attempting disassembly. Specific data essential for proper overhaul, such as running clearances and torque values, have been provided in chart form at beginning of each Group Section as a ready reference for experienced mechanic.

Oliver 1850 1950 Service Manual Vehicle Coverage

1850 G, LP, Dsl, 2&4 WD
1950 GMC Dsl, Chassis Only
1950 Dsl, Chassis Only
2-115 Dsl Mighty Tow Chassis Only
4-115 Dsl Mighty Tow Chassis Only

Oliver 1850 1950 Service Manual Table of Contents

Style And General Information
Front Main Frame

Basic Gasoline And Lp Gas Engine
Basic 1850 Diesel Engine
Basic 1950 Diesel Engine
Air System
Gasoline Fuel System
Lp Gas Fuel System
1850 Diesel Fuel System
1950 Diesel Fuel System
Electrical System
Gasoline And Lp Gas Cooling System
1850 Diesel Cooling System
1950 Diesel Cooling System

Transmission, Brakes, Differential
And Fwd Transfer Drive
Hydra Power Drive
Creeper Drive
Over/under Hydraul Shift

Belt Pulley

Power Take Off

Power Lift
Draft Control And Hydra Lectric Control Unit
Depth Stop And Industrial Hydraulic Units
External Hydraulic Cylinders And Connections

Depth Stop (remote Control) And Industrial Hydraulic Units
Operation And Trouble Shooting
Control Valve (cessna)
Control Valve (gresen)
Pump (cessna) And Manifold
Relief Valve
Flow Divider And Oil Cooler
Relief Valve
External Hydraulic Cylinders And Connections
Hoses And Couplings
Hydra Lectric Cylinders
Depth Stop Cylinders

Tires And Wheels

Wiring Diagrams
Voltage Regulator
Gasoline And Lp Starting Motor
Diesel Starting Motor

Three Point Hitch
Three Point Hitch (cat Ii)
6000 Lb Lift H1tch (cat Ill)

Engine Clutch
Reverse O Torc Drive
Torque Converter
Control Valve
Charging Pump

Rear Axles & Final Drive
1850 Extra High Clearance Final Drive

Seat And Suspension

Steering Gears
Front End Assemblies
Four Wheel Drive Axle
Hydraulic Powered Front Wheel Drive
Hydraulic Unit Overhaul
Filters And Valves
Gear Pump
Stroke Control
Piston Pump
Drive Wheel
Drive Wheel Motor

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