Oliver Cletrac HG Tractor Instruction Manual

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This Oliver Cletrac HG Tractor Instruction Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print, manual. This book provides detailed information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Oliver HG tractors. This book is divided into tractor functional groups numbered the same as the HG Parts Book. Groups are listed in numerical order thru the book; however, some numbers may be omitted as the groups are set up according to a master numerical group list for all models of “OLIVER CRAWLER” tractors, and individual models do not use all master groups. Although the OLIVER. tractor is simple to operate and care for, it is important to understanding the information in this manual so you can properly use and care for your tractor. Complete instructions regarding daily care and maintenance of the tractor are found in this book. The manner in which a tractor is operated and cared for, for the first 100 hours after a rebuild,  determines its future life, freedom from unnecessary troubles and delays. Proper lubrication and maintenance are essential to
satisfactory performance. Follow the maintenance schedule shown in the front part of this book. There is plenty of information in this manual to educate the operator about certain features concerning operation or lack of care may save the owner considerable time, expense and keep the tractor running safely.

Index of Topics

Tractor Specifications
Lubrication Maintenance Chart
Lubrication Maintenance Schedule
Operating Instructions
Winter Operation
Storing the Tractor
Ordering Parts
Engine Clearances
Electric Starting and Lighting


Group 100 Engine
Group 200 Cooling System
Group 300 Air Cleaner
Group 400 Fuel System
Group 500 Governor
Group 600 Ignition
Group 800 Tie Bar & U-Bolt
Group 900 Clutch
Group 1000 Transmission
Group 1100 Differential
Group 1200 Final Drive
Group 1400 Track Frame
Group 1500 Track


Group 3000 Power Pulley and Take-Off
Group 3100 Electrical Equipment

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