Honda CB160 Motorcycle Parts Manual


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This 100 page Honda CB160 Parts Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print manual. It is not a collectible however it contains illustrations of every section of the motorcycle, breaking them down to the last nut and bolt. Each part, even the tiniest washer, is referenced to its name and part number. In some cases, the part listing includes dimensions (especially with nuts and bolts), and the years it was used on that model. For anyone contemplating the restoration of a motorcycle, a parts manual is not optional; it is a reference you cannot do without. Only with a parts manual can you correctly identify and acquire missing or worn out components and hardware.

Honda CB160 Parts Manual Table Of Contents

Engine Group
Cylinder Cylinder Head
Crankshaft • Piston
Camshaft • Valve • Cam Chain Tens I Oner
Clutch Adjuster • Left Crankcase Cover
Transmissi On
Upper Crankcase • Shift Drum
Lower Crankcase • Kick Starter
Contact Breaker • Advancer
Generator Starting Motor
Oil Pump • Filter • R Crankcase Cover
Right Carburetor
Left Carburetor

Frame Group
Handle Bar
Front Fork (1)
Front Fork (2)
Steering Stem • Front Fender
Fuel Tank
Frame Body
Air Cleaner Case • Dual Seat
Main Stand • Step Bar
Exhaust Pipe • Muffler
Air Cleaner • Tool Case • Tools
Rear Fork • Rear Fender
Rear Cushion
Front Wheel
Rear Wheel
Headlight • Tail Light • Speedometer
Dimmer Switch • Starter Switch
Wire Harness • Battery
Gasket Set
Conversi On Parts
Common Tools
Special Tools
Part No Index

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