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This 145 page, Honda SuperHawk & Scrambler Motorcycle Restoration Reference Guide written by vintage Honda motorcycle expert Bill Silver, provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1961 – 1967 Honda CB72 / 77 (250-305) Hawk and Honda Super Hawk (250 / 300) Super Sports & CL72 / 77 (250-305) 250 / 300 Scrambler motorcycles.

Honda SuperHawk & Scrambler Motorcycle Restoration Reference Guide Table of Contents

Introduction And History, Identifying The Year Of Production, Production Figures / Crankcases / Oil Filter, Crankshaft / Clutch / Transmission / Cylinders / Cylinder head, Engine Electrics / Carburetors, Chassis / Handlebars / Speedo / Forks, Fenders / Fuel Tank / Frame / Swing Arm / Shocks, Chassis, Electrical / Wiring / Seat, Mufflers / Front Wheel & Rear Wheel / Sprockets, Specifications, Chassis Restoration (Rubber Parts), Engine / Carb 0-Rings, Seals, Rubber Parts And Gaskets, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Etc., Roadracing YB Part Numbers, ‘race-Kit Racers’, Tune-Up Procedures, Service Bulletins-(Fuel Cap, Rh Kickstart Cover, Offset Gear Cotter, Dimmer Switch, Oil Seepage At Spark Plugs, Change Of Threaded Parts From JIS To ISO), Buying A CB72 / 77, Inspection Tips, Service And Restoration Tips, Charging System, Wiring Diagrams, Club Information, The ‘techknuckle Pages’, CB72 / 77 Set-Up Manual, Ahmc 1961, Flat Rate Manual (16 Pages) AHMC 1966.

The following excerpt is from the chassis section of the Honda SuperHawk & Scrambler Motorcycle Restoration Reference Guide.

Engine vibration will take its toll in several areas of the chassis. The battery box is one such area. When the battery is not properly secured, it will dance around in response to various engine vibration periods. This will: loosen the connections; cause damage to the battery plates; or loosen the filler plugs, which allows battery acid to drip onto the frame. The acid corrosion attacks the battery box welds and the rear fender mounting tabs, which are often broken just from vibration.

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