1996-1997 KTM 250 300 360 Motorcycle Engine Service Manual


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This 84 page, 1996-1997 KTM 250 300 360 Engine Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1996-1997 KTM 250 300 360 two stroke engines.  This manual is a KTM authorized reproduction of the original 1996-1997 KTM 250 300 360 Engine Service Manual. The print quality is not up to our normal standards but it is the best available at this time. For information covering your chassis or suspension you will need to obtain the owners manual for your vehicle in addition to this Engine Manual – KTM never produced a comprehensive manual.

This manual covers ONLY the engine on the following motorcycles:

1996 KTM 360SX
1996 KTM 360MXC
1996 KTM 360EXC
1996 KTM 360EGS
1996 KTM 300MXC
1996 KTM 300EXC
1996 KTM 300EGS
1996 KTM 250SX
1996 KTM 250EXC
1996 KTM 250EGS
1997 KTM 360SX
1997 KTM 360MXC
1997 KTM 360EXC
1997 KTM 360EGS
1997 KTM 300MXC
1997 KTM 300EXC
1997 KTM 300EGS
1997 KTM 250SX
1997 KTM 250EXC
1997 KTM 250EGS

Table of Contents

Special tools
Removing the engine
Dismantling the engine
Servicing individual components
Right-hand housing half
Left-hand housing half
Checking cylinder for wear
Nikasil coating of cylinder
Cylinder twin valve control system
Cylinder preassembly
Exhaust control, clutch cover
Assembly drive shaft
Assemble takeoff shaft
Engine assembly
Adjust clutch release
Adjust Dimension “X”
Adjust control flap “Z”
Adjusting ignition timing (SEM KC COMET)
Adjusting ignition timing (SEM K 11)
Adjusting TVC
Engine assembly
Carburetor adjusting
Trouble shooting ignition (SEM KC COMET)
Checking the setting of TVC system
Technical data – engine
Tolerances and fitting clearances
Wiring diagram
Trouble shooting
Lubrication- and maintenance schedule

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