1990 KTM 250 300 Repair Manual Two Stroke Engine

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This is a reproduction of the original out of print 1990 KTM 250 300 Repair Manual Two Stroke Engine.  This 64 page, 1990 KTM 250 Repair Manual, 1990 KTM 300 Repair Manual covers 1990 KTM 250 and 300cc two stroke Motorcycle Engines. This is the official manual out of print manual from KTM reproduced to their specifications. Please note that this manual does not cover the chassis. The chassis is covered in the owners manual.

1990 KTM 250 Repair Manual

1990 KTM 300 Repair Manual

This KTM 250 and 300 cc engine manual covers the following repair topics:

Special tooling
Removing the engine
Dismantling the engine
Servicing on individual components
Engine assembly
Refitting the engine
Technical data – Engine
Tolerances, Tightening torques
Wiring diagram
Lubrication- and Maintenance-schedule

Engine repair information is provided for the following KTM motorcycles:

1990 KTM 300MX
1990 KTM 300EXC
1990 KTM 300EGS
1990 KTM 300DXC
1990 KTM 250MX
1990 KTM 250GS
1990 KTM 250EXC
1990 KTM 250EGS
1990 KTM 250DXC

The 1990 KTM 250 Repair Manual, 1990 KTM 300 Repair Manual includes specifications for the following:

Piston displacement
Fuel Type
Oil/gasoline ratio
Crankshaft bearing
Connecting rod bearing
Piston pin bushing
Piston ring
Dimension within cylinder
Ignition timing
Electrode gap
Pretension of TVC System (dimension Y)
Primary drive
Gear ratios
Gear lubrication
Ignition system
Generator output
Air filter

Carburetor Settings included are:
Carburetor type
Main jet
Idling jet
Starting jet
Jet needle
Needle position from top
Throttle valve
Air adjustment screw open

The troubleshooting section of this 1990 KTM 250 Repair Manual, 1990 KTM 300 Repair Manual will help you if your engine fails to start, if your engine fails to idle, or if your engine just doesn’t seem to have the normal amount of power you are used to. If the engine will not run at high RPMs, if the engine is sputtering, overheating, or you see white smoke coming out the exhaust (hopefully not all of these symptoms at once!) there is good troubleshooting advice of how to diagnose the problem.

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