Microfiche Parts Manual – Microfilm Format

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Microfiche Parts Manuals are available for Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha ATVs and Motorcycles manufactured from the 1960’s to 2009. After you place your order for this item – email us your year made and model of vehicle so we can send you the correct microfiche parts manual.

What is a microfiche parts manual and why would I want one?

Let’s say you own a Suzuki LS650 motorcycle and want to buy parts or see how assemblies go together. Having a microfiche card will let you see high quality line art drawings of all the parts and give you the corresponding part numbers for fitment purposes.

What Suzuki and many of the other OEMs have done is miniaturize their parts manuals onto a microfiche, which is nothing more than a 4 x 6 card made of sturdy transparent film. The printed information can be read and even printed from this card by using a microfilm or microfiche card reader. Most libraries still have these available to read old newspapers and archives. To use this card you simply place the microfiche under the lens of the reader and it is magnified  greatly so you can view or print it. There are many inexpensive handheld readers available on Ebay if you want your own reader. The nice thing about microfiche is that it’s so small you can store it very easily and make as many printed copies from it as you like. While many data archives such as parts manuals are going digital, microfiche parts manuals are still being used today and, in fact, have some advantages over digital storage, including their longer lifespan.

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