Ford 445A 545A Ind Tractor Operators Manual

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This 100 page, Ford 445A and 545A Industrial Factory Operators Manual is a reproduction of the original out of print manual. This manual provides you with the information you need for proper break-in, daily care, and operation of your Ford 445A and 545A Industrial Tractors.

Table of Contents

Safety Precautions
Controls and Instruments
Seat, light, and engine control
Brake controls
Manual shift end power reversing transmission and PTO control
Hydraulic lift system controls
Loader controls
Break-in procedures
Starting the engine
Stopping the engine
Operating manual shift and power reversing transmission and PTO
Towing the tractor
Operating differential lock
Operating hydraulic lift system
Lift linkage and drawbar
Wheel tread settings
Tractor weighting
Loader operation
Loader attachments
Lubrication and Maintenance
Lubrication and maintenance chart
Fuels and lubricants
Fuel and lubricant service procedures
General maintenance
Tractor loader storage
Pre-Delivery and 50 Hour Service

Index of Topics

Adjustable Upper Link
Adjusting the Seat Belt
Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Restriction Warning Light
Attaching Equipment
Attaching the PTO
Auxiliary Service Control Valve
Bleeding Fuel System
Brake Adjustment
Brake Controls
Brake Pedal Lock
Brake Pedals
Break-In Procedures
Bucket Installation (Loader)
Category I and II Linkage
Changing Engine Oil and Filter
Changing Front Wheel Tread Setting
Charge Indicator Light
Checking and Changing Rear Axle Oil and Filter
Checking and Changing Transmission Oil
Checking Engine Oil Level
Clutch Pedal Adjustment
Cold Weather Starting
Controls and Instruments
Coolant Immersion Heater
Cooling System Maintenance
Differential Lock
Draft Control
Draft Sensing System
Emergency Handbrake
Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light
Engine Speed Adjustment
Engine Stop Control
Engine Valve Clearance
Flashing Warning Lamp
Float Valve
Flow Control
Foot Throttle
Front Wheel Bearings
Front Wheel Drive
Front Wheel Toe-In
Front Wheel Tread Setting
Front Wheel Weights
Fuel Filter
Fuel Gauge
Fuel Shut-Off Valve
Fuel Storage
Hand Throttle
Hydraulic Lift System Controls (Tractor)
Hydraulic System Service (Loader)
Independent PTO Control Lever
Key-Starter Switch
Left Lift Rod
Leveling Crank
Lift Linkage and Drawbar
Light Switch
Liquid Ballast
Loader Attachments
Loader Counterweighting
Loader Operation
Lubricant Storage
Lubricating Seat
Lubrication and Maintenance
Lubrication Fittings
Manual Shift and Power Reversing Transmission and PTO Controls
Operating Differential Lock
Operating the Hydraulic Lift System
Operating the Loader
Operating the PTO
Operating the Transmission and PTO
Parking Brake Handle
Position and Draft Control
Position Control
PTO Control Levers—Live and Transmission PTO
PTO Speed and Engine Speed
Power Steering Reservoir
Power Take-Off
Rear Wheel Tread Setting
Rear Wheel Weights
Refueling the Tractor
Remote Control Valves
Roll Over Protective Structure
(ROPS) and Seat Belt
Safety Precautions
Seat, Light and Engine Controls
Spacer Installation (Hydraulic System)
Starting the Engine
Stopping the Engine
Swinging Drawbar
Temperature Gauge
Tire Pressure
Torque Values
Towing the Tractor
Tractor Hydraulic Lift Rocker
Tractor Seat
Tractor/Loader Storage
Tractor Weighting
Transmission Oil Temperature Warning Light
Voltage Regulator
Warm Weather Starting
Weighting Limitations
Wheel Tread Settings
4×4 Power Reversing Transmission
6×4 Manual Transmission
8×2 Manual Transmission

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