CycleShoe Kickstand Shoe aka The Motorcycle CycleFoot

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Have you ever left your motorcycle parked in the driveway only to find the kickstand has sunk into the hot asphalt? If this has happened to you hopefully you caught it in time before the driveway got damaged from the side stand or even worse your motorcycle fell over and got damaged too! We found a solution that works great to protect your motorcycle and your driveway. The motorcycle cycle foot is made from a high density plastic that is virtually indesctructable. We bought these before the huge price increase in fuel and plastics so we can offer them to you at a great deal. These are great for promotional giveaways and motorcycle events.

The Kickstand Shoe will keep your kickstand from sinking into asphalt as it softens from the suns heat, it will prevent the motorcycle from falling over in muddy soil like after a rain and it will keep your machine standing in loose sand. For less than the price of a beer you can buy piece of mind that your cycle will remain standing. Can be conveniently stored under your seat, in your jacket pocket or bag. Save on shipping and buy a few for your friends. Great gift idea, nice item for club and ride promotions. Smooth surface can be engraved or covered with a sticker or decal. Available in black. Dealer pricing available for qualifying businesses.

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