2012-2014 Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI 4 X 4 / 6 X 6 Big Boss Service Manual


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This 2012 2013 2014 Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI 4 X 4 / 6 X 6 Big Boss Service Manual provides service, repair and maintenance information for 2012-2014 Sportsman 800 EFI 4 X 4 / 6 X 6 ATVs.

Table of Contents


2012-2014 Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI 4 X 4 / 6 X 6 Big Boss Service Manual Index of Topics

A-Arm Replacement
Accessory Power Wiring
Active Descent Control (ADC) Coil
Active Descent Control Gearcase
ADC Gearcase Piston Service
ADC Gearcase, Disassembly / Inspection
Air Box Sediment Tube
Air Filter, Service
All Wheel Drive (AWD) Coil
Alternator Output Test
Authorization Key
Authorization, Reflash
Auxiliary Brake Adjustment
Axle, Front Drive
Axle, Rear Drive
Balance Shaft Gear, Removal
Ball Joint Replacement, Front
Battery Activation, Conventional
Battery Charging Procedure, Low Maintenance  Battery Inspection / Removal, Low Maintenance
Battery Installation, Low Maintenance
Battery Load Test
Battery Load Test, Low Maintenance
Battery Maintenance
Battery Off Season Storage
Battery Off Season Storage, Low Maintenance
Battery Open Circuit Voltage (OCV), Low Maintenance
Battery Removal / Inspection, Conventional
Battery Terminals/Bolts
Body and Steering Torque Values
Body Assembly Exploded View
Body Rack Exploded View
Brake Bleeding
Brake Burnishing Procedure
Brake Caliper Exploded View
Brake Caliper Removal, Rear
Brake Caliper, Assembly
Brake Caliper, Front
Brake Disc, Front
Brake Disc, Inspection
Brake Hose Fitting Inspection
Brake Light/Work Light Switch Replacement
Brake Light Switch
Brake Noise Troubleshooting
Brake Pad Inspection
Brake Pad Install, Rear
Brake Pad Removal, Rear
Brake Pad, Rear
Brake Pad, Removal and Installation
Brake System Components, Std, Sportsman
Brake System Exploded Views
Brake, Master Cylinder Removal
Brake, Rear Auxiliary Brake
Brake, Rear Auxiliary Master Cylinder
Brake, Torque Specifications
Brakes, Inspection
Brakes, Operation Overview
Brakes, Troubleshooting
Cam Gear, Reassembly
Cam Gear, Removal
Camber / Caster
Cargo Box, Removal and Installation
Charging Procedure
Charging System – Break Even Test
Charging System Flow Chart
Circuit Breaker
Clock, Setting Time of Day
Clutch Alignment
Combustion Chamber
Communication Problems, Digital Wrench
Compression Test
Control Arm Bracket Mounts
Conversion Table
Cooling System
Cooling System – Coolant Level
Cooling System – Pressure Test
Cooling System – Radiator Level
Cooling System Bleeding Procedure
Cooling System Hoses
Cooling System Specifications
Cooling System, Pressure Test
Crankshaft Gear, Removal
Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS)
Current Draw – Key Off Test
CV Boot Inspection
CV Boot, Replacement
CV Shaft Boot Inspection
CV Shaft Service
CV Shaft, Exploded View
CV Shaft, Front
CV Shaft, Rear
Cylinder Head Assembly
Cylinder Head Assembly Exploded View
Cylinder Head Disassembly
Cylinder Honing To De-glaze
Cylinder Inspection
Decal Replacement
Decimal Equivalent Chart
Diagnostic Codes
Diagnostic Mode, EFI System
Diagnostic Mode, Instrument Cluster
Digital Wrench
Engine Controller Reprogramming
Digital Wrench Communication Errors
Digital Wrench Diagnostic Software
Digital Wrench Versions
Digital Wrench, Updates
Digital Wrench, Version and Update ID
Drive Belt, Inspection
Drive Belt, Installation
Drive Belt, Removal
Drive Clutch, Assembly
Drive Clutch, Bushing Service
Drive Clutch, Button to Tower Clearance
Drive Clutch, Cover Bushing Remove/Install
Drive Clutch, Disassembly
Drive Clutch, Exploded View
Drive Clutch, Moveable Sheave Inspection
Drive Clutch, Operation
Drive Clutch, Service
Drive Clutch, Spring
Driven Clutch Service (Removable Helix)
Driven Clutch, Assembly
Driven Clutch, Disassembly / Inspection
Driven Clutch, Exploded View
Driven Clutch, Operation
Driven Clutch, Service
EBS Drive Clutch Service
EBS Exploded View
ECU Replacement
EFI Diagnostic Mode Using Instrument Cluster
EFI Operation Overview
EFI Priming / Starting Procedure
EFI Troubleshooting
Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
Elelctrical, Troubleshooting Diagrams
Engine Balance Shaft Removal
Engine Breather Hoses
Engine Camshaft Inspection
Engine Camshaft Installation
Engine Controller Reprogramming
Engine Cooling System
Engine Cooling System Troubleshooting
Engine Crankcase Assembly
Engine Crankshaft Gear Removal
Engine Crankshaft Installation
Engine Cylinder Head Assembly
Engine Cylinder Head Inspection
Engine Cylinder Head Removal
Engine Cylinder Head Warp
Engine Cylinder Honing
Engine Cylinder Inspection
Engine Cylinder Installation
Engine Cylinder Removal
Engine Diagnostic Codes
Engine Exploded Views
Engine Fastener Torques
Engine Flywheel / Stator Installation
Engine Flywheel / Stator Removal
Engine Flywheel Removal
Engine Gear(s) Removal
Engine Gears, Installation
Engine Ground
Engine Head Assembly
Engine Installation Notes
Engine Lubrication
Engine Mount
Engine Number Designation
Engine Oil and Filter Change
Engine Oil Flow Chart
Engine Oil Level
Engine Oil Pressure Test
Engine Oil Priming
Engine Oil Pump Installation
Engine Oil Pump Removal
Engine Piston Identification
Engine Piston Installation
Engine Piston Removal, Inspection
Engine Piston Ring Installed Gap
Engine Piston to Cylinder Clearance
Engine Piston to Rod Clearance
Engine Pushrod Inspection
Engine Removal / Install Procedure
Engine Rocker Arm Inspection
Engine Service Specifications
Engine Starter Drive Removal
Engine Starter Removal
Engine Stator Gear Cover Seal(s) Installation
Engine Stator Installation
Engine Temperature Sensor
Engine Temperature Sensor Replacement
Engine Temperature Sensor Test
Engine Torque Table
Engine Troubleshooting
Engine Valve Inspection
Engine Valve Lifter Removal, Inspection
Engine Valve Seal/Spring Service
Engine Valve Sealing Test
Engine Valve Seat Reconditioning
Engine, Accessible Components
ETC Operation Test
ETC Switch Operation
Exhaust Breakdown, Sportsman 800 EFI
Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust, Dual 800 EFI
Exploded View, CV Shaft
Fan Control Circuit Operation
Fan Control Circuit Operation / Testing
Fan Motor Current Draw
Final Drive Torque Specifications
Flywheel / Stator Removal
Flywheel, Removal
Foot Well Removal / Installation
Frame Mounts
Frame, Nuts, Bolts Fastener Inspection
Front Cab Removal / Installation
Front Cover Removal / Installation
Front CVAxle Installation
Front CV Axle Removal
Front Gearcase – Back Lash Pad Adjustment
Front Gearcase Coil Resistance
Front Gearcase Lubrication_
Front Gearcase, Active Descent Control Explode View
Front Gearcase, Diagnoses
Front Gearcase, Disassembly / Inspection
Front Gearcase, Installation
Front Gearcase, Operation
Front Gearcase, Reassembly
Front Gearcase, Reassembly / Inspection
Front Gearcase, Removal
Front Hub, Assembly
Front Hub, Disassembly
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injection, Component Locations
Fuel Injection, Exploded View
Fuel Injection, Service Notes
Fuel Injection, Special Tools
Fuel Injector
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pump / Tank Assembly
Fuel Pump Replacement
Fuel Sender Test
Fuel System Diagnostics
Fuel System, EFI Circuit Diagrams
Fuel Tank Location
Gear / Stator Housing Seal Replacement
Gear Position Indicator Switch Test
Gear Selector Removal
Gearcase, ADC Hydraulic Fluid Change
Gearcase, Front Capacity and Fluid Type
Gearcase, Middle
Gearcase, Middle Exploded View
Gearcase, Rear
Gearcase, Rear Exploded View
Guided Diagnostics
Handlebar Block Installation Procedure
Headlamp Switch Test
Headlight Housing Replacement
Headlight Pod Exploded View
High Beam Bulb Replacement
High Beam Headlight Adjustment
Hydraulic Brake System Operation Overview
Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil Replacement
Ignition Coil Test
Inner Plunging Joint / Boot Replacement
Instrument Cluster (Speedometer) Overview
Instrument Cluster, Setting New Service
Interval Interlock, Starter, 700/800 EFI
Key, Reprogramming Authorization
Keys, Replacement
Low Beam Headlight Adjustment
Low Maintenance Battery Charging
Low Maintenance Battery Info
Lower Headlamp Housing Removal
Lower Headlamp Removal
Lubrication / Grease Points
Maintenance Chart, Periodic
Maintenance, Service Products and Lubricants
Metric Bolt Torque Specification
Middle Gearcase, Assembly
Middle Gearcase, Disassembly
Middle Gearcase, Exploded View
Middle Gearcase, Installation
Middle Gearcase, Removal
Misc Tables
Model Number Location
Model Number/VIN Identification
Oil Pump, Disassembly
Oil Pump, Reassembly
Oil Pump, Removal
Outer CV Joint / Boot Replacement
Paint Codes
Piston Ring Installed Gap
Piston to Cylinder Clearance
Piston to Rod Inspection
Pre-ride Checklist
Propshaft, Removal
Publication Numbers
PVT Drying
PVT System, Assembly
PVT System, Disassembly
PVT System, Maintenance
PVT System, Overview
PVT System, Service
PVT Troubleshooting
PVT, Drive Clutch Disassembly
PVT Drive Clutch Reassemblv
PVT, Drive Clutch Spider Removal
PVT, Driven Clutch Assembly (Removable Helix)
PVT, Driven Clutch Bushing Service (Removable Helix)
PVT, Driven Clutch Disassembly (Removable Helix)
PVT, Moveable Sheave Inspection
Rear Gearcase Lubrication
Rear Gearcase, Assembly
Rear Gearcase, Disassembly
Rear Gearcase, Exploded View
Rear Gearcase, Installation
Rear Gearcase, Removal
Rear Stabilizer Mounts
Rear Suspension Assembly
Reflash Authorization
Reprogramming Authorization
Service Intervals, Speedometer
Shift Linkage Inspection
Side Panel Removal
Software Version
Spark Plug
Special Tool, Cam Gear Installation Kit
Special Tools
Special Tools, Body & Steering
Special Tools, Clutching
Special Tools, Engine
Special Tools, Final Drive
Specific Gravity Test, Conventional Battery
Specification, Balance Shaft Gear Bolt Torque
Specification, Brake Disc Service Limit
Specification, Brake Disc Thickness
Specification, Brake Pad Thickness
Specification, Cam Lobe Height
Specification, Cam Thrust Plate Fastener Torque
Specification, Camshaft Gear Bolt Torque
Specification, Coolant Sensor Resistance
Specification, Cylinder Head Warp
Specification, Cylinder Taper Limit
Specification, Cylinder Warp Limit
Specification, Oil Pump Bolt Torque
Specification, Oil Pump Rotor Clearance
Specification, Timing Gear Alignment
Specification, Transmission Silent Chain Length
Specification, Valve Seat Contact Width
Specification, Valve Spring Free Length
Specification, Valve Stem Diameter
Specification, Valve Stem Guide ID
Specification, Wheel Toe-Out
Specifications, Body and Steering Torque Values
Specifications, Brake Component Service Limits
Specifications, Brake Component Torque Values
Specifications, Cam Shaft
Specifications, Cooling System
Specifications, Crankcase Fastener Torque
Specifications, Engine Lubrication
Specifications, Engine Oil Pressure
Specifications, Final Drive Torque Values
Specifications, Front Gearcase Lubrication Type/Capacity
Specifications, Oil Baffle Bolt Torque
Specifications, Oil Pick-up Bolt Torque
Specifications, Sportsman 800 EFI
Speedometer Installation
Speedometer Removal
Speedometer Troubleshooting Tests
Speedometer, Funtions Overview
Standard Bolt Torque Specification
Starter Assembly Exploded View
Starter Drive
Starter Drive Removal
Starter Interlock
Starter Motor, Removal
Starter Reassembly / Installation
Starter System Flow Chart
Starter System, Troubleshooting
Stator, Removal
Steering A-Arm Exploded View
Steering Post Assembly
Steering Post Removal
Steering Torque Values
Strut Assembly
Strut Cartridge Replacement, Front
Suspension Adjustment
Suspension, Front
Suspension, Rear
Tap/Drill Sizes
Temperature / Barometric Air Pressure Sensor (T-Bap)
Throttle Cable
Throttle Inspection
Throttle Position Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment
Throttle Position Sensor Replacement
Tie Rod / Steering Inspection
Timing Gear Mark Alignment
Tire Inspection
Torque Specifications, Clutching
Torque Specs – Engine
Control Arm Bracket Mounts
Frame Mounts
Rear Stabilizer Mounts
Upper Frame Mount
Transmission Assembly
Transmission Disassembly
Transmission Exploded View
Transmission Gear Selector Removal
Transmission Installation
Transmission Removal
Transmission Troubleshooting
Transmission, Assembly
Transmission, Disassembly
Transmission, Exploded View
Transmission, Install
Transmission, Output Shaft Backlash Procedure
Transmission, Removal
Transmission, Special Tools
Troubleshooting Diagrams, Elelctrical
Troubleshooting, Clutching
Troubleshooting, EFI Circuit Diagrams
Troubleshooting, Wheel Speed Sensor
U-joint, Disassembly and Assembly
Upper Frame Mount
Valve Seal/Spring Service
Valve Sealing Test
Valve Seat Reconditioning
Vehicle Information
VIN Number
Vent Lines
Version, Software
VIN Location
VIN Number
Voltage Drop Test
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Installation
Wheel Removal
Wire Diagrams, Electrical

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