1986-2007 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 Cyclepedia Printed Motorcycle Service Manual

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Do you need to service a 1986-2007 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 motorcycle? The Cyclepedia 1986-2007 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 printed motorcycle service manual features detailed, photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a veteran Kawasaki dealer trained motorcycle technician. Please note that the color photos shown here are from the online manual – the printed manual includes black and white photos. This is the best manual you can get for your Kawasaki Ninja 250.

Comes with one year of access to the Full Color Cyclepedia Online Manual!

The 1986-2007 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 printed motorcycle manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for the following 1986-2007 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 motorcycles:

1986 Kawasaki EX250-E1 Ninja
1987 Kawasaki EX250-F1 Ninja
1987 Kawasaki EX250-E2 Ninja
1988 Kawasaki EX250-F2 Ninja
1989 Kawasaki EX250-F3 Ninja
1990 Kawasaki EX250-F4 Ninja
1991 Kawasaki EX250-F5 Ninja
1992 Kawasaki EX250-F6 Ninja
1993 Kawasaki EX250-F7 Ninja
1994 Kawasaki EX250-F8 Ninja
1995 Kawasaki EX250-F9 Ninja
1996 Kawasaki EX250-F10 Ninja
1997 Kawasaki EX250-F11 Ninja
1998 Kawasaki EX250-F12 Ninja
1999 Kawasaki EX250-F13 Ninja
2000 Kawasaki EX250-F14 Ninja
2001 Kawasaki EX250-F15 Ninja
2002 Kawasaki EX250-F16 Ninja
2003 Kawasaki EX250-F17 Ninja
2004 Kawasaki EX250-F18 Ninja
2005 Kawasaki EX250-F19 Ninja
2006 Kawasaki EX250F6F Ninja
2007 Kawasaki EX250F7F Ninja

1986-2007 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 Cyclepedia Printed Service Manual Table of Contents

External Components – Seat, Side Covers, Fuel Tank Removal, Fairing Removal, Brake Pedal, Shift Lever, Footpegs, Front Fender Removal, Rear Fender, Tail Section

Periodic Maintenance – Periodic Maintenance Chart, Drive Chain Adjustment, Brake Pad Replacement, Headlight Aim, Brake Bleeding

Cooling System – Coolant, Cooling Fan Switch Inspection, Water Temperature Sensor, Thermostat, Radiator

Fuel System – Air Filter Inspection, Cleaning and Replacement, Engine Idle Speed Adjustment, Carburetor Synchronization, Carburetor Fuel Level Inspection, Carburetor Float Height Adjustment, Carburetor Removal and Reinstallation, Carburetor Disassembly, Evaporative Emissions Control System (California Only), Fuel Valve Petcock, Fuel System Inspection and Adjustment

Exhaust System – Exhaust System Installation, Exhaust System Removal

Clutch – Clutch Cable, Clutch

Engine Top End – Compression Test, Valve Clearance Inspection and Adjustment, Cam Chain Tensioner Removal, Camshaft Removal and Reinstallation, Cylinder Head Cover, Cylinder Head, Pistons, Rings and Cylinders

Engine Bottom End – Engine Oil, Crankshaft Flywheel Rotor, Oil Pump, Crankcase Splitting, Crankshaft and Connecting Rods, Transmission, Balancer Shaft

Engine Removal and Installation – Engine Installation, Engine Removal

Front Wheel – Front Tire, Front Wheel Bearings, Front Wheel Installation, Front Wheel Removal

Front Brakes – Brake Caliper, Brake Disc, Brake Master Cylinder, Brake Pad Replacement

Front Suspension – Fork Oil, Fork Seal Replacement, Front Fork Disassembly, Front Fork Inspection, Front Fork Installation, Front Fork Reassembly, Front Fork Removal

Steering – Steering Stem Bearing Replacement, Adjustment of Steering Stem Bearings

Rear Wheel – Rear Tire, Rear Wheel Bearings, Rear Wheel Installation, Rear Wheel Removal

Rear Brakes – Brake Caliper, Brake Disc, Brake Master Cylinder, Rear Brake, Rear Brake Adjustment

Rear Suspension – Swingarm Removal, Swing Arm Bearings, Shock Absorber Removal, Tie Rods and Rocker Arm, Shock Absorber Installation, Swingarm Installation

Final Drive – Drive Chain Replacement, Engine Sprocket, Rear Sprocket

Electrical System – Battery, Battery Removal and Installation, Charging System, Charging System Component Replacement, Ignition System, Spark Plugs, Cooling Fan System, Fuses, Light Bulbs, Starter Motor Removal, Switch Replacement, Switch Testing, Wiring Diagrams

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