1981 Yamaha SR185H Motorcycle Service Manual

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This 107 page, 1981 Yamaha SR185H Factory Service Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print manual. This printed and bound book provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1981 Yamaha SR185H motorcycles. Includes everything you need to know to service your machine. Features wiring diagrams and cable routing guide.

This 1981 Yamaha SR185H Motorcycle Service Manual includes the following chapters:

General information
Periodic inspections
And adjustments
Engine overhaul

Sample content from this manual:

Lapping the valve / valve seat assembly

– The valve/valve seat assembly should be lapped if, (1) neither the seat or the valve face are severely worn, or: (2) if the valve face and valve seat have been resurfaced and now require a final light grinding operation for perfect sealing.

– Apply a small amount of coarse lapping compound to the valve face. Insert the valve into the head. Rotate the valve until there is a burnished spot all the way around the valve face. Clean off the coarse compound, then follow the same procedure with fine compound. Continue lapping until the valve face shows a complete and smooth surface all the way around. Clean off all compound material. Apply bluing dye to the valve face and rotate the valve face for full seat contact which is indicated by a shiny surface all around the valve face where the bluing has been rubbed away.

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