1955 Plymouth Plaza Savoy Belvedere Service Manual


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This 389 page, 1955 Plymouth Plaza Savoy And Belvedere Service Manual provides Diagnosis Procedures, Adjustments, Reconditioning, Lubrication And Maintenance Information for 1955 Plymouth Plaza Savoy And Belvedere vehicles. Model P26 and P27, Hy-Fire V-8,  PowerFlow 6

1955 Plymouth Plaza Savoy And Belvedere Service Manual Table of Contents:

Front Suspension
Rear Axle
Generating System
Starting System
Ignition System
Lighting System
Instruments-Gauges-Horn-Windshield Wipers
Fuel and Exhaust Systems
Wheels and Tires
Universal Joints and Propeller Shaft
Steering-Power Steering
Frame-Rear Springs-Shock Absorbers Transmission-Overdrive Powerflite
Wiring Diagrams
Alphabetical Index

This 1955 Plymouth Plaza Savoy And Belvedere Service Manual is a high quality reproduction of the original out of print manual.

The Alphabetical Index is as follows:

Anti-Freeze Solutions
Automatic Choke
Axle Drive Shafts, Seals and Bearings
Axle Shaft End Play
Battery Cold Weather Care
Battery Data and Specifications
Battery Maintenance
Battery Testing with Hydrometer
Bearing Leak Detector Test
Body Finish Care
Body Mounting Bolts
Body Sealing Compounds
Body Sealing Procedures
Body Refinishing Materials
Brake Bleeding Hydraulic System
Brake Data and Specifications
Brake Hydraulic System
Brake Lining
Brake Major Adjustment
Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Master Cylinder Push Rod Adjustment
Brake Minor Adjustment
Brake Shoes
Brake Shoes Alignment
Brake Shoes Straightening
Brake Torque Specifications
Brake Tubing
Brake Wheel Cylinders
Bulb Chart
Camber and King Pin Inclination
Camshaft and Bearings
Camshaft Bearing Measuring Clearance
Carburetor Adjustments
Carburetor Cleaning
Carburetor Four Barrel
Carburetor Four Barrel Adjustments
Carburetor Four Barrel Data and Specifications
Chain Case Cover Oil Seal
Circuit Breaker
Clutch Assembly
Clutch Assembly Auburn
Clutch Assembly Borg and Beck
Clutch Data and Specifications
Clutch Disassembly Auburn
Clutch Disassembly Borg and Beck
Clutch Pedal Adjustments
Clutch Pedal Free Play
Clutch Release Bearing
Clutch Release Lever Adjustment Auburn
Clutch Release Lever Adjustment Borg and Beck
Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing
Clutch Torque Specifications
Coil and Condenser
Coil Data and Specifications
Coil Test
Condenser Data and Specifications
Condenser Test
Connecting Rod Alignment
Connecting Rods and Bearings
Cooling System Cleaning
Cooling System Data and Specifications
Cooling System Protection
Cooling System Torque Specifications
Core Hole Plugs
Convertible Coupe Top Operating Mechanism
Convertible Top Adjustments
Crankshaft Bearings
Crankshaft Bearings Installation
Crankshaft Bearings Installation Precautions
Crankshaft End Play
Crankshaft Measuring Bearing Clearance
Crankshaft Regrinding
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Block Boring
Cylinder Block Honing
Cylinder Block Reverse Flushing
Cylinder Head Installation
Cylinder Head Torquing Sequence
Cylinder Walls Cleaning
Deck Lid
Diagnosis Procedures
Differential and Carrier Assembly
Differential Checking Tooth Contact
Differential Heavy Face Contact
Differential Heavy Flank Contact
Differential Heavy Heel Contact
Differential Heavy Toe Contact
Directional Signal
Distributor Adjustment of Points
Distributor Assembly
Distributor Data and Specifications
Distributor Disassembly
Distributor Mechanical Advance
Distributor Mechanical Advance and
Vacuum Control Specifications
Distributor Vacuum Advance
Door Alignment
Door Trim and Hardware
Door Window and Regulators
Engine Data and Specifications
Engine Major Tune Up
Engine Minor Tune Up
Engine Mountings
Engine Oil
Engine Oil Recommendations
Engine Oil Types
Engine Oiling System Data and Specifications
Engine Torque Specifications
Engines Protecting New Cars in Storage
Exhaust Pipe
Fan Belt
Fender Alignment
Frame Alignment Correction
Frame Checking Alignment
Frame Data and Specifications
Frame Torque Specifications
Front Shock Absorber
Front Spring Height
Front Suspension System Data and
Front Suspension System Torque
Front Wheel Alignment
Fuel Gauge Electro-Magnetic
Fuel Gauge Thermostatic
Fuel Pump
Fuel System Data and Specifications
Fuel Tank
Generator Data and Specifications
Generator Performance Tests
Generator Regulator
Generator Regulator Adjustment and Repair
Generator Regulator Data and Specifications
Generator Regulator Performance Tests
Hand Brake
Hand Brake Adjustment (External Type)
Hand Brake Adjustment (Internal Type)
Headlamps Aiming
Headlamp and Panel Lamp Switches
Hood Alignment
Horn Adjustments
Hydraulic Tappets
Ignition Timing
Instruments and Gauges
King Pin Inclination
Lighting Circuit Test
Lighting System Data and Specifications
Lighting System Voltage Test
Lower Control Arm and Front Spring
Lubricants Types Recommended
Lubrication Intervals
Lubrication Mileage Maintenance Schedule
Manifold Heat Control
Muffler and Tail Pipe
Oil Gauge
Oil Change Recommendations
Oil Filter
Oil Filter Replacement
Oil Pan Gasket
Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Oil Pump
Oil Strainer
Overdrive Assembly and Installation
Overdrive Control Circuit
Overdrive Data and Specifications
Overdrive Disassembly and Inspection
Overdrive Electrical System
Overdrive Governor
Overdrive Ignition Interruption Circuit
Overdrive Mainshaft
Overdrive Rail Lockout Switch
Overdrive Solenoid
Overdrive Solenoid Circuit
Overdrive Torque Specifications
Pistons Fitting
Piston Pins
Piston Rings
Power Brakes Assembly
Power Brake Removal
Power Brake Disassembly
Power Brakes Installation
Power Brakes Operation
Power Brakes Pedal Adjustment
PowerFlite Cleaning and Inspection of Valve Body and Transfer Plate Assembly
PowerFlite Data and Specifications
PowerFlite Disassembly and Assembly
PowerFlite Gearshift Selector Lever Adjustments
PowerFlite Governor Removal, Disassembly and Inspection
PowerFlite Hydraulic Operation
PowerFlite Hydraulic Pressure Tests
PowerFlite Kickdown Band Adjustment
PowerFlite Kickdown Band and Reverse Band Adjustment
PowerFlite Line Pressure Chart
PowerFlite Linkage and Band Adjustments
PowerFlite Mechanical Operation
PowerFlite Operating Principles
PowerFlite Regulator Valve Body Installation
PowerFlite Regulator Valve Body Removal
PowerFlite Removal
PowerFlite Reverse Band Adjustment
PowerFlite Reverse and Kickdown Band
Removal and Inspection
PowerFlite Servicing
PowerFlite Throttle Linkage and Pressure Adjustments
PowerFlite Torque Converter
PowerFlite Torque Specifications
Power Seat Operation
Power Steering Adjustment of Steering Gear
Power Steering Data and Specifications
Power Steering Manual Control Valve Adjustment
Power Steering Operating Principles
Power Steering Pump
Power Steering Pump Pressure Checks
Power Steering Service Procedures
Power Steering Torque Specifications
Power Windows Operation
Propeller Shaft and Universal Joint Data and Specifications
Propeller Shaft and Universal Joint Torque Specifications
Radio Adjustments
Rear Axle Data and Specifications
Rear Axle Pinion Bearing Oil Seal
Rear Axle Torque Specifications
Rear Main Bearing Oil Seal
Rear Quarter Window Glass Sport Coupe
and Convertible
Rear Springs
Rear Springs Data and Specifications
Rear Spring Interliners
Rear Springs, Shock Absorbers
Torque Specifications
Rear Window Glass
Radiator Reverse Flushing
Rocker Arm Assembly Hy-Fire V-8
Seasonal Care and Preparation
Shock Absorbers
Shock Absorbers Data and Specifications
Shock Absorbers Test
Sliding and Stationary Glass (Suburban)
Spark Plugs Data and Specifications
Spark Plug Inspection
Starter Assembly
Starter Cleaning and Lubrication
Starter Data and Specifications
Starter Drive Assembly
Starter Inspection and Bench Tests
Starter Installation
Starter Performance Tests
Starter Test for Ground
Steering Data and Specifications
Steering Gear Adjustments
Steering Gear and Column Jacket
Steering Gear Cross Shaft
Steering Knuckle and Support
Steering Torque Specifications
Steering Tube and Worm Assembly
Steering Wheel
Storage Precautions
Sway Eliminator
Tappet Adjustment PowerFiow 6
Tappet Bore Hy-Fire V-8
Temperature Chart
Temperature Gauge
Tie Rod Ends
Timing Chain and Sprockets
Tire Care
Tire Dismounting and Mounting
Tire Pressures
Tire Repair
Tire Rotation
Tire Static
Toe-Out on Turns
Transmission Assembly and Installation
Transmission Data and Specifications
Transmission Drive Pinion
Transmission Linkage Adjustments
Transmission Mainshaft Assembly and Installation
Transmission Mainshaft Removal
Transmission Removal
Transmission Synchronizer
Transmission Torque Specifications
Universal Joints
Universal Joint Dust Cover
Upholstery Care
Upper Control Arm
Upper Control Arm Pin, Bushing and Dust Seal
Valve Exhaust Seat Inserts PowerFiow 6
Valve Guides Reaming Hy-Fire V-8
Valve Refacing PowerFiow 6
Valves and Valve Seats Refacing
Hy-Fire V-8
Valve Springs Hy-Fire V-8
Valve Springs PowerFiow 6
Valves and Tappets Hy-Fire V-8
Valves and Tappets PowerFiow 6
Water Distribution Tube
Water Pump
Wheel Balance
Wheel Bearings
Wheels and Tires Data and Specifications
Windshield Glass
Windshield Wiper
Windshield Wiper Switch
Wiper Motor Reconditioning
Directional Signal Lamp Will Not Light
Heater Leakage
Insufficient Heat
Radio Does Not Operate
Radio Interference
Turn Indicator Light Will Not Light When Turn Is Made
Brakes (Power) Brakes Do Not Release Properly
Brakes “Touchy" or “Grabby"
Improper Pedal Return
Loss of Fluid
Loss of Pedal
Pedal Chatter
Pedal Travel Too Great
Spongy Pedal
Unit Does Not Boost
Brakes (Standard)
Brake Noise
Dragging Brakes
Grabbing Brakes
Hard Pedal
Locked Brakes
Pedal Goes to Floor Board
Spongy Pedal
Clutch Chattering
Pedal Stiff or Binding
Cooling Engine Warmup Slow
Loss of Water (Without Apparent Leakage)
Engine Driving Methods and Weather Conditions
Engine Difficult to Start or Fails to Start
Engine Lacks Power
Engine Misses on Acceleration
Excessive Fuel Consumption
High Oil Pressure
Low Oil Pressure
Oil Consumption
Oil Leakage
Frame Rear Springs Shock Absorbers Noise
Unsatisfactory Ride
Front Suspension System Car Leads to One Side
Front End Noises
Fuel and Exhaust Systems
Generating System
Ammeter Fails to Register Charge or Discharge
Ammeter Shows Discharge
Ammeter Shows High Charge
Continual Loss of Battery Charge
Excessive Loss of Battery Fluid
Ignition System
See Diagnosis Procedures Under Engine Section
Instruments Gauges Horn
Electric Windshield Wiper
Horns Blow Continuously
Horns Will Not Blow
Wiper Fails to Operate
Wiper Fails to Park
Wiper Operates Slowly
Lighting System
All Lights Fail
Dim Headlights (Engine Idling or Shut Off)
Dim Headlights (Engine Running Above Idle with Battery Fully Charged)
Engine Stalls During Kickdown
Overdrive Will Not Disengage
Overdrive Will Not Engage
Overdrive Will Not Kickdown
Rear Axle
Starting System
Starter Fails to Engage
Starter Locks in Engagement
Starter Turns Slowly or Does Not Operate
Steering (Power)
Hard Steering in Both Directions
Hard Steering in One Direction
Improper Turning Radius
Oil Leakage
Poor Recovery on Turns
Self Steering
Steering (Standard)
Hard Steering
Loose Steering
Transmission (PowerFlite)
Excessive Slippage
Improper Response to Gearshift Selector
Lever Positions
Miscellaneous Diagnosis Procedures
Oil Pressure
Shift Pattern
Shift Quality
Transmission (Standard)
Hard Shifting
Slipping Out of Gear
Universal Joints and Propeller Shaft
Wheels and Tires
Excessive Tire Wear
Wheel Bearing Noise
Wheel Tramp

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