1957-1958 Plymouth Plaza Savoy Belvedere Service Manual


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This 518 page, 1957-1958 Plymouth Plaza, Savoy Belvedere Service Manual has been prepared as a reference book of complete service information for the 1957 and 1958 Plymouth Plaza, Savoy Belvedere automobiles (P30, P31, LP1, and LP2). This manual is a reproduction of the original out of print manual.

For convenience, the contents of the manual have been arranged in four parts; Chassis, Engine and Electrical, Body, and Miscellaneous which includes Maintenance and Wiring Diagrams. Each part has been subdivided into sections. Each section contains charts of data and specifications, adjustments and repair information, and diagnosis procedures. A list of the subjects covered in each section will be found at the beginning of the section. A complete alphabetical index appears in the back of the manual.

To help diagnose the service needs of the Plymouth car, this manual contains over 300 diagnosis procedures, in most instances it is advisable to make a road test to verify the condition.

Throughout the manual, service data and specifications are given in chart form. The clearances and specifications shown are based on the type of equipment normally available for service work and do not in all cases represent the manufacturing specifications.

The complete alphabetical index is as follows:

Aiming the Headlamps
Air Conditioning
Charging the System
Checking Refrigerant
Compressor Valve Plate Assembly
Discharging the System
Evacuating and Sweeping System
Expansion Valve
Heater Core Removal
Inspection and Testing
Installing Gauge Set Manifold
Magnetic Clutch
Compressor Oil Level
Moisture in System
Operating Controls
Over All Performance Test
Precautions to Observe in Handling the Refrigerant
Precautions to Observe in Handling Tubing
Receiver Strainer-Drier
Servicing Compressor
Testing Electrical Switches and Control Circuits
Testing Procedure—Over All
Testing for Air Leaks
Testing for Refrigerant Leaks
Testing for Proper Super Heat
Testing Thermal Switch
Anti-Freeze Solutions
Automatic Choke
Axle Shaft End Play

Ball Joints
Battery –
Bearing Leak Detector Test
Belt Tension Specifications
Bleeding the Brake System
Body Mounting Bolts
Body Sealing—Coach Joints
Cowl Area
Door Glass
Door Ventilator Wing
Drain Trough
Fresh Air Intake
Hood Hinge Bracket
Hood Seal
Rear Window
Windshield Wiper Pivots
Boring Cylinder Bores
Brake Adjustment
Data and Specifications
Drum Refacing
Master Cylinder
Pedal Free Play
Support Plates
Wheel Cylinders
Torque Specifications
Breaking-In A New Engine

Cam Angle
Camshaft and Bearings Removal and Inspection
Air Cleaner
Carter—Model AFB (Four Barrel)
Carter-Model WCFB (Four Barrel)
Care of Metal Trim
Care of Paint, Chrome and Upholstery Care of Body Finish
Care of Top
Chain Case Cover Oil Seal
Checking Cylinder Bores
Checking Timing Chain
Circuit Breaker
Cleaning Cylinder Walls
Cleaning the Cooling System
Clutch Disassembly—Auburn
Disassembly—Borg and Beck
Pedal Adjustment
Pressure Springs
Release Bearing
Release Lever Adjustment—Auburn
Release Lever Adjustment—Borg and Beck
Shaft Pilot Bushing
Torque Specifications
Cold Weather Care
Cooling System Torque Specifications
Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance
Connecting Rods and Bearings—Alignment
Converter Hub Runout
Convertible Coupe Top Operating Mechanism
Cooling System
Data and Specifications
Core Hole Plugs
Bearings Replacement Bearings
End Play
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head and Gasket

Deck Lid
Deck Lid Alignment
Differential Adjustment
Differential and Carrier
Differential Bearing Pre-Load
Directional Signal
Distributor Assembly
Cap and Rotor
Data and Specifications
Drive Shaft Bushing
Mechanical Advance
Mechanical Advance and Vacuum Control Specifications
Vacuum Advance
Dome Light and Glove Box Lamp Testing
Door Alignment
Door and Window Regulator Handles
Door Outside Handles
Door Lock Cylinder
Door Trim Panel
Door Ventilator Assembly
Door Window and Regulators—
Front Door Vertical Sliding Glass
Driving Methods and Weather Conditions

Electric Windshield Wiper
Electro-Magnetic Fuel Gauge
Engine—Data and Specifications
Engine Mounts
Engine Oil
Oil Change
Engine Oiling System—Data and Specifications
Engine Torque Specifications
Engine Tune-Up Procedures
Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust Valve Seat Inserts—6 Cylinder Engine

Fan Belt
Fender Alignment
Finished Pistons
Fitting Pistons
Floor Covering
Four Door Sport Sedan (Rear Door Glass and Regulator)
Data and Specifications
Front Door Garnish Moulding
Front Door Window Regulator
Front Shock Absorbers
Front Suspension—Checking Height
Data and Specifications
General Information
Shim Table
Torque Specifications
Front Wheel Alignment
Fuel Data and Specification
Fuel Pump

Generator Data and Specifications
Indicator Lamp
Inspection and Bench Tests
Performance Tests
Generator Regulator
Data and Specifications
Performance Tests
Glass Run Channel

Hand Brake
Cable—Internal Type
External Type
Internal Type
Headlamp and Panel Lamp Switches
Heater Blower Motor
Heater Core
Heater Installation
Honning Cylinder Bores
Hood Alignment
Housing Runout—Torque Converter
Housing Face Runout Shims—Torque Converter

Ignition Timing
Inspection of Bearing Halves
Installation of Bearing Inserts

Lapping Valves
Lighting Circuit Testing
Lower Control Arm Strut
Lower Control Arms
Lubrication Intervals

Main Bearing Caps
Main Bearing Removal
Major Tune-Up
Manifold Heat Control Valve
Manual Transmission
Control Rod Adjustment
General Information
Measuring Bearing Clearance
Measuring Camshaft Bearing Clearance
Mileage Maintenance Schedule
Minor Tune-Up

Offset Dowel Pins—Torque Converter
Oil Filter
Oilite Bearings
Oil Pan and Gasket
Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure Indicator Lamp
Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Oil Pressure Relief Valve Spring Chart
Oil Pump
Oil Strainer
Open Circuit Voltage Tester
Overdrive Assembly and Installation
Control Shalt Oil Seal
Data and Specifications
Disassembly and Inspection
Driver Controlled Downshift
Electrical System
Mainshaft and Ring Gear Assembly
Overrunning Clutch
Pinion Cage and Overrunning Clutch
Rear Bearing
Rear Bearing Oil Seal
Sun Gear Control Plate and Balk Ring

Paint Color Code
Piston Pins—Fitting Piston Pins
Piston Ring Side Clearance
Piston Rings—Piston Ring Gap
Power Brake—Adjustment
Disassembly of Valves
PowerFlite Transmission
Data and Specifications
Direct Clutch Pressure
Disassembly and Inspection
Disassembly and Inspection of Valve Body
Governor Pressure Chart
Hydraulic Operation
Hydraulic Pressure Tests
Kickdown Band and Reverse Band Adjustment
Line Pressure Chart
Linkage and Band Adjustments
Mechanical Operation of Transmission
Neutral Starter Switch
Operating Principles
Road Testing
Servicing in Vehicle
Shift Pattern
Shift Quality
Throttle Linkage and Pressure Adjustments
Throttle Pressure Chart
Torque Converter Operation
Transmission Disassembly and Inspection
Power Operated Windows—Window Lift Switches
Power Steering—Adjusting
Data and Specifications
Front End Alignment
Gear Lash Adjustment
Operating Principles
Piston Valve Adjustment
Pump Pressure Checks
Servicing Power Unit
Testing for Leaks
Torque Specifications
Worm Shaft Bearing Adjustment

Quarter Window (Club and Four Door Sedan)

Radio Adjustments
Radio and Antenna Installation
Radio Chassis Removal
Reaming Valve Guides
Rear Axle Adjustment
Carrier Assembly
Data and Specifications
Pinion Adjustment
Pinion Bearing
Torque Specifications
Rear Door Vertical Sliding Glass
Rear Main Bearing Oil Seal and Cap Seals
Rear Quarter Window Glass
Rear Springs
Rear Window Glass
Reconditioning Wipe* Motor
Refacing Valves—6 Cylinder and Engine
Refacing Valve Seals—6 Cylinder Engine
Refacing Valves and Valve Seats
Removal of Stains from Fabrics
Replacement Engineis
Replacing Camshaft Bearings
Reverse Flushing Cylinder Block
Reverse Flushing Radiator
Ring Gear Removal—Torque Converter
Rocker Arm Assembly

Seasonal Care and Preparation
Semi-Finished Pistons
Service Brakes
Shock Absorbers
Sliding and Stationary Glass (Suburban)
Spark Plugs
Spring Interlines
Starter Motor Drive Assembly
Starting Motor—Armature
Data and Specifications
Free Running Test
Inspection and Bench Tests
Stall Torque Test
Testing Armature for Ground
Testing Armature for Short
Testing Field Coils for Ground
Testing Field Coils for Open Circuit
Performance Tests
Gear Adjustments
Gear Alignment
Steering Gear—Disassembly
Data and Specifications
Torque Specifications
Steering Axis Inclination
Storage Precautions—Protecting Engines of New Cars in Storage

Tappet Adjustment—6 Cylinder Engine
Tappets—V-8 Engine
Tappet Bore—V-8 Engine
Temperature Gauge
Testing Anti-Freeze Solutions
Testing Battery
Testing Breaker Arm Spring Tension
Testing Oriflaw Shock Absorbers
Testing Thermostat
Testing Taillamps, License Lamp, Panel Lamp Switch, Dimmer Switch Parking Lamps, and Ignition-Starter Switch Light Circuit
Testing Voltage in Lighting System
Timing Chain and Sprockets Installaton
Tire Care
Mounting and Dismounting
Torque Converter and Housing
TorqueFlite Transmission
Adjustments and Tests
Band Adjustment
Disassembly Front Valve Body
Disassembly and Inspection
Disassembly, Inspection and Assembly of Component
Disassembly, Inspection and Assembly of Power Train
Disassembly Lower Valve Body
Disassembly Rear Valve Body
Governor Pressure Chart
Governor Weights and Valve Assembly
Hydraulic Control Pressure Checks
Hydraulic Control System
Kickdown Planet Pinion Carrier Assembly
Lever Assemblies
Line Pressure Chart
Low and Reverse Planet Pinion Carrier Assembly
Low-Reverse (Rear) Band
Lower Valve Body
Lubrication Pressure
Neutral Starting Switch
Operating Principles
Operational Summary
Overrunning Clutch Hub Assembly Inspection
Planetary Gear Set Operation
Power Flow in the Transmission
Pressure Regulating Valves
Pressure Supply System
Push Button Control Cable Adjustment
Rear Clutch Piston Retainer Assembly
Rear Clutch Piston Retainer Assembly Disassembly
Rear Oil Pump and Governor Assemblies
Rear Valve Body
Reconditioning of Transmission
Regulator Valve Body
Regulator Valve Body and Valves
Reverse Sun Gear Assembly Inspection
Road Testing
Service Diagnosis Chart
Servicing in Vehicle
Throttle Linkage Adjustment
Throttle Valve
Torque Converter Control Valve Assembly
Torque Converter Reaction Shaft Inspection
Transmission Band Adjustments
Transmission Output Shaft Rear Bearing Oil Seal
Transmission Regulator Valve Assembly
Unit No 2 Assembly
Unit No 3 Assembly
Valve Bodies and Transfer Plate Assembly
Torquing Sequence—Cylinder Head
Torsion Bars
Type of Engine Oil
Types of Lubricants Recommended

Universal Joints—Ball and Trunnion
Cross and Roller
Dust Covers
Upholstery ,
Upper Control Arm
Upper Control Arm Bushings
Use of Cooling System Cleaner
Use of Rust Resistor

Valve Guides—6 Cylinder Engine
Valve Springs
Valve Springs—6 Cylinder Engines
Valves, Springs, Seats and Tappets—6 Cylinder Engine
Valves, Springs, Seats and Tappets—V-8 Engine
Valve Tappets—6 Cylinder Engine
Voltage Test—Battery

Water Distribution Tube
Water Pump
Water Pump—Disassembly
Wheel and Tire Run-Out
Wheel Balance
Wheel Bearing—Adjustment
Window Lift Motor
Window Lift Regulator
Window Lift Wiring
Windshield Glass
Windshield Wiper Motor—End Play Adjustment
Refacing Commutator
Undercutting Bakelite Segments
Windshield Wiper Switch
Windshield Wiper Variable Speed Motor Linkage
Wiper Blade Adjustment

Directional Signal Lamp Will Not Light
Heater Leakage
Insufficient Heat
Radio Does Not Operate
Radio Interference
Turn Indicator Light Will Not Light When Turn is Made

Air Conditioning—Service Diagnosis

Brakes (Power)
Improper Pedal Return
Partial Loss of Booster
Unit Does Not Boost

Brakes (Standard)
Dragging Brakes
Grabbing Brakes
Hard Pedal
Locked Brakes
Pedal Goes To Floor Board
Spongy Pedal

Pedal Stiff or Binding

Engine Warmup Slow
Loss of Water (Without Apparent Leakage)

Engine Difficult to Start or Fails to Start
Engine Lacks Power
Engine Misses on Acceleration
Engine Noises
Engine Will Not Idle Smoothly
Excessive Fuel Consumption
Flat Spot on Acceleration
High Oil Pressure
Low Oil Pressure
Oil Consumption
Oil Leakage

Unsatisfactory Ride

Front Suspension System
Car Leads to One Side
Front End Noises
Tire Wear
Wheel Bearing Noise

Generating System
Test Ammeter Shows High Charge (Battery Fully Charged)
Continuous Loss of Battery Charge
Excessive Loss of Battery Fluid
Test Ammeter Shows Discharge

Instruments, Gauges, and Horns
Horns Will Not Blow
Horns Blow Continuously
Wiper Fails to Operate
Wiper Fails to Park
Wiper Operates Slowly

Lighting System
All Lights Fail
Dim Headlights
One Light Fails

Engine Stalls During Kickdown
Overdrive Will Not Disengage
Overdrive Will Not Engage
Overdrive Will Not Kick Down

Rear Axle

Starting System
Starter Fails to Engage
Starter Locks in Engagement
Starter Turns Slowly or Does Not Operate

Steering (Power)
Chuckle Noise
Connector Nut
Control Valve Adjustment
Control Valve Loose on Rod
Control Valve Rod Upper “O” Ring
Creaking Noises on Turns
Gear Shaft Cover
Gear Shaft Oil Seal
Hard or Jerky Steering Toward End of Full Left or Right Turn
Hissing Noise Accompanied by Loss of Oil Through Upper
Housing Vent (Left Turn Only)
Hissing Noise (No Load)
Hissing Noise (Right Turn Only)
Inability to Maintain Control Valve Adjustment
Lack of Assist (Both Directions)
Lack of Assist (One Direction)
Leakage at Mating Surface Between the Upper and Lower
Lower Housing Plug
Low Shut-Off or Relief Pressure
Noise in Chuck Assembly
Oil Level in the Reservoir
Poor Returnability (Both Directions)
Poor Returnability (One Direction Only)
Porous Housing Head
Pump Noise
Pump Not Priming
Reaction Assembly
Reaction Seal
Reduced or No Flow
Snapping Noises
Unequal Steering Effort (Severe Cases of Self Steering)
Upper Piston Rod Movement in Piston
Upper Piston Rod
Upper Piston Rod Nut Loose
Upper Piston Rod Seal
Wander (Steering Wheel Freeplay)

Steering (Manual)
Hard Steering
Loose Steering

Transmission (PowerFlite)
Excessive Slippage
Improper Response to Gearshift Selector Lever Positions
Oil Pressure
Shift Pattern
Shift Quality

Transmission (Manual)
Hard Shifting
Slipping Out of Gear

Universal Joints

Wheels And Tires
Excessive Tire Wear
Wheel Bearing Noise
Wheel Tramp

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