1978 – 1981 Honda CB400 CM400 Motorcycle Service Repair Manual

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This 1978 – 1981 Honda CB400 CM400 Motorcycle Service Repair Manual is a reproduction of the original publication printed by Honda.  The photo shown may differ from the cover that you receive.

This manual contains all information and procedures common to Honda CB/CM- 400’S motorcycles. This manual also includes information and procedures for the Hondamatic motorcycles. A 1978 Emissions Addendum follows the second part and it applies to all CB and CM400 models manufactured after December 31, 1977 (USA only). Sections 1 through 3 of this manual apply to the whole motorcycle, while sections 4 through 17 describe parts of the motorcycle, grouped according to location. Most sections of this 1978 – 1981 Honda CB400 CM400 Motorcycle Service Repair Manual start with an assembly or system illustration and all the specifications, torque values, working practices, tools and materials required for the section. The subsequent pages give detailed procedures. If you are not familiar with the 1978 – 1981 Honda CB400 CM400, the TECHNICAL FEATURES, section 18 will acquaint you with the bike. If you don’t know the source of the trouble, see section 19, TROUBLESHOOTING. Refer to the addendums at the back of the shop manual for 1978 and subsequent years service information.

Motorcycle Coverage

1978: CB400T, CB400A
1979: CB400T, CM400T, CM400A
1980: CB400T, CM400T, CM400A, CM400E
1981: CB400T, CM400T, CM400A, CM400E, CM400C

Table of Contents

Part I CB400T – CM400A
General Information
Inspection And Adjustment
Fuel System
Engine Removal &
Cylinder Head/valve
Clutch/oil Pump
Front Wheel/brake/
Rear Wheel/brake/
Hydraulic Disc Brake
Battery/charging System
Ignition System
Starter Motor
Technical Features

Part II CB400A
1978 CB400T – CB400A Emissions Addendum
199 CB400T Addendum
1979 CM400T –  CB400A Addendum
1980 CM400T – CM400A Addendum
1980 CB400T Addendum
1980 CM400E Addendum
1981 CB400S – CM400S Addendum

Index of Topics

General Safety
Service Rules
Torque Values
Special Tools
Wiring Diagrams
Cable & Harness Routing
Maintenance Schedule
Spark Plug Adjustment
Ignition Timing Inspection
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Cam Chain Adjustment
Throttle Operation
Idle Speed Adjustment
Carburetor Synchronization
Choke Mechanism Maintenance
Fast Idle Adjustment
Balancer Chain Adjustment
Air Cleaner Maintenance
Fuel Line Inspection
Compression Test
Clutch Adjustment
Front Brake (disc)
Front Brake (drum)
Rear Brake
Drive Chain
Side Stand
Battery Electrolyte
Wheels – Spokes
Service Information
Carburetor Removal
Carburetor Separation
Vacuum Cylinder
Float Chamber Disassembly
Air Cutoff Valve Disassembly
Component Assembly
Float Level Adjustment
Carburetor Assembly
Carburetor Installation
Fuel Tank – Air Cleaner Case
Service Information
Engine Removal
Engine Installation
Service Information
Rocker Arm – Camshaft Removal
Cylinder Head Removal
Cylinder Head Disassembly
Valve Guide Replacement
Valve Seat Inspection And Grinding
Cylinder Head Assembly
Rocker Arm Assembly
Cylinder Head Installation
Camshaft And Rocker Arm Installation
Service Information
Cylinder Removal
Piston Removal
Piston Installation
Cylinder Installation
Service Information
Right Crankcase Cover Removal
Oil Pump
Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Right Crankcase Cover Installation
Service Information
Disassembly Of Parts
A.c. Generator Removal
Crankcase Disassembly
Crankcase Assembly
A.c. Generator Installation
Installation Of Parts
Service Information
Balancer Removal
Connecting Rod Removal
Crankshaft – Starter Clutch Removal
Electric Starter Idle Gear Removal
Bearing Inspection
Bearing Selection
Electric Starter Idle Gear Installation
Electric Starter Clutch – Crankshaft Installation
Connecting Rod Installation
Balancer Installation
Service Information
Gearshift Linkage Disassembly
Transmission Disassembly
Gearshift Drum – Shift Fork Removal
Kick Starter Disassembly
Kick Starter Assembly
Gearshift Drum – Shift Fork Installation
Transmission Assembly
Gearshift Linkage Assembly
Service Information
Front Wheel Removal – Disassembly – Assembly
Front Brake Panel
Front Wheel Installation
Front Fork
Steering Stem
Service Information
Rear Wheel Removal – Disassembly – Assembly
Final Driven Sprocket
Rear Brake Panel
Rear Wheel Installation
Shock Absorber
Brake Pedal
Service Information
Brake Fluid Replacement – Air Bleeding
Brake Pads – Disc Plate
Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Caliper
Service Information
Charging System
A.c. Generator Removal – Installation
Service Information
Spark Plug
Ignition Coil
C.d.i. Unit
A.c. Generator
Service Information
Starter Motor
Magnetic Switch
Starter Clutch

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