Yamaha 2002-2009 Four Stroke Clymer Personal Watercraft Repair Manual

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This Yamaha 2002-2009 Four Stroke Personal Watercraft Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Yamaha Four Stroke Personal Watercraft including:

FX140 (2002-2004)
FX (2005-2008)
FX140 Cruiser (2003-2004)
FX Cruiser (2005-2008)
FX High Output (2004-2008)
FX Cruiser High Output (2004-2008)
VX (2005-2009)
VX Sport (2005-2009)
VX Deluxe (2005-2009)
VX Cruiser (2005-2009)

Table of Contents

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Chapter One, General Information
Manual organization, Warnings, cautions and notes, Safety, Model identification, Engine operation, Fasteners, Shop supplies, Galvanic corrosion, Tools, Measuring tools, Electrical system fundamentals, Service methods, Specifications

Chapter Two, Troubleshooting
Engine operating requirements, Electrical starting system, Fuel delivery system, Ignition system, Electronic fuel injection system, Charging system, Warning system, Cooling system, Engine, Compression test, Specifications

Chapter Three, Lubrication, Maintenance and Tune-up
Inspection before each use, Inspection after each use, Cooling system flush, Periodic maintenance, Engine oil change, Engine oil recommendations, Air filter, Spark plugs, Jet pump, Bilge pump screen, Siphon pump screen, Water inlet filter, Valve clearance adjustment, Impeller clearance, Specification

Chapter Four, Engine
Engine, Oil tank, Oil pump, Reduction gear assembly, Camshaft cover and camshafts, Cylinder head, Cylinder block, Oil pressure switch, Engine overheat switch, Engine temperature (ECT) sensor, Oil pan, Crankcase cover, Piston and connecting rod, Crankshaft, Cylinder block component inspection, Engine bearing selection, Anode, Engine break-in, Specifications

Chapter Five, Drive System and Jet Pump
Ride plate and intake grate, Jet pump assembly, Impeller housing and impeller, Stator-bearing housing, Intermediate bearing housing, Steering nozzle, trim nozzle and reverse bucket, Specifications

Chapter Six, Fuel System
Air filter, cover and housing, Throttle body, Fuel rail and injectors, Fuel pump module, Throttle position sensor, Throttle cable adjustment, Idle speed an synchronization, Specifications

Chapter Seven, Exhaust and Cooling System
Exhaust system, Exhaust outlet, water tank and exhaust hose, Water lock, Exhaust tube, Exhaust pipe, Exhaust overheat switch, Exhaust manifold, Cooling system, Thermostat and housing, Water pressure relief valve and housing, Inlet water filter, Specifications

Chapter Eight, Electrical System
Battery, Starter and flywheel, Battery charge and pulser coil(s), Ignition coils, Engine control unit (ECU), Main-fuel pump relay, Starter relay, Electronic throttle relay, Voltage regulator-rectifier, Tilt detection switch, Specifications

Chapter Nine, Bilge System
Bilge system operation, Bilge pump, Jet siphon pump, Indicator-siphon break fitting, Specifications

Chapter Ten, Steering, Helm and Controls
Handlebar cover and handlebar, Throttle cable, Throttle control, Quick Shift Trim Selector (QSTS), Start-stop and lanyard switch, Steering cable, Steering helm, Steering switch, Steering sensor, Shift cable, Shift lever, Specifications


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