Vesrah Brake Shoes VB-305

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One package contains two brake shoes. Vesrah asbestos-free brakes shoes meet or exceed OEM requirements in many cases. Each shoe contains a track-tested mixture of Aramid, mineral fiber, carbon and anti-heat compounds secured by a super strong resin. For foolproof bonding each shoe is heated in an industrial oven to over 200 degrees F. Trust your brakes to a proven leader in braking technology and innovation.

Maker Model CC Year Code Name Year Categoly
 SUZUKI  GT250  250  K,L,M,A,B  Hustler  73-77  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  GT380  380  B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7  72-78  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  GT380  380  J  Sebring  72  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  GT380  380  K,L,M,A,B  Sebring  73-77  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  GS400  400  B,C  77-78  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  GS400  400  N  79  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  GS400X  400  C  78  R  Street
 SUZUKI  GT500A  500  H  Titan  76  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  GT500B  500  J  Titan  77  R  Vintage
 SUZUKI  T500  500  R,J,K,L,M  71-75  R  Vintage

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