1979-1988 Suzuki GS450 Motorcycle Service Manual


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Do you need to work on a 1979-1988 Suzuki GS450 Motorcycle? This 366 page, 1979-1988 Suzuki GS450 Service Manual is a reproduction of the original out of print manual. If you are looking for a collectible original this is NOT it. However if you need essential repair data this book provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Suzuki GS450E, L, S, T, & TX motorcycles. The information contained in this manual will be invaluable to anyone restoring or repairing a Suzuki GS450 motorcycle. Take a moment to read the table of contents we’ve compiled and we think you will agree this is a must have book for all GS450 owners. (This manual does not cover GS450GA Automatic models.)

1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988

Table of Contents

General Information – Serial Number Locations, Fuel And Oil Recommendations, Breaking-in Procedures, Cylinder Identification, Special Features, Special Materials, Precautions And General Instructions, Specifications.

Periodic Maintenance Schedule, Lubrication Chart

Servicing Engine – Engine Components Removable With Engine In Place, Engine Removal And Reinstallation Engine Disassembly, Engine Components Inspection And Servicing Engine Reassembly.

Fuel and Lubrication System – Fuel Petcock, Carburetor, Lubrication System

Emission Control System

Electrical – Ignition System, Charging System, Battery, Starter System, Combination Meter, Lamps, Switches

Chassis – Front Wheel, Front Brake, Front Fork, Steering Stem, Rear Wheel, Rear Brake, Rear Suspension

Servicing Information – Troubleshooting, Wiring Diagram, Wire Routing, Cable Routing, Special Tools, Tightening Torque, Service Data

Wiring Diagrams

Supplement for GS450L

Supplement for GS450S

Supplement for GS450T

Supplement for GS450EZ, TZ, TXZ, LZ

Sample Content: CLUTCH DRIVE AND DRIVEN PLATES – Clutch plates in service are lubricated with oil. Because of this condition, both drive arid driven plates are subject to little wear. Their life depends largely on the quality of oil used in the engine and also on the way the clutch is operated. These plates are expandable: they are meant to be replaced when found worn down or distorted to the respective limit. Use a caliper to check thickness and a thickness gauge and surface plate to check distortion…

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