John Deere 112 Lawn and Garden Tractor Parts Manual

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This John Deere 112 Lawn and Garden Tractor Parts Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print, John Deere 112 Lawn and Garden Tractor Parts Manual.  It provides you with all the part numbers and exploded illustrations of your John Deere 112 Lawn and Garden Tractor. The Parts Manual provides detailed diagrams and illustrations of every component and part of the John Deere 112 Lawn and Garden Tractor. You can easily identify and locate the exact parts needed for maintenance, repairs, or replacements.  When ordering replacement parts, having the Parts Manual ensures you get the correct part numbers and specifications. This helps prevent ordering the wrong parts and the inconvenience of returns. By having access to the Parts Manual, you can potentially save money on repairs and maintenance by purchasing parts and performing tasks yourself instead of relying on professional services. Having the Parts Manual can increase the resale value of the mower in the future.

112 Lawn and Garden Tractors Covered
12 H.P. K301AS Kohler Engine, 1972 Model (Serial No. 250,001-260,000)
12 H.P. K301AS Kohler Engine, 1973 Mode! (Serial No. 260,001-300,000)
12 H.P. K301AS Kohler Engine, 1974 Model (Serial No. 300,001-)

Table of Contents
Air Baffles
Air Cleaner
Ammeter (-260000)
Ammeter (260001-300000)
Ammeter (300001-)
Axle, Front
Axles, Rear
Baffles, Air
Base, Engine
Battery, Cables and Base
Belts, Drive
Block, Cylinder
Blower Housing, Engine
Brake Pedal (sn-260,000)
Brake Pedal Linkage (260001-)
Brake, Parking (260001-)
Breaker Points
Breather, Engine
Cables, Battery and Starter
Case, Transaxle Gear
Choke and Throttle Levers
Circuit Breakers (-260000)
Circuit Breakers (260001-300000)
Circuit Breakers (300001-)
Clutch Pedal (s N -260,000)
Clutch-Brake Pedal (260001-)
Clutch, Electromagnetic, Pto
Clutch, Tractor Variator
Coil, Ignition
Connecting Rod
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head
Deck, Fender
Drag Link
Drive Belts
Electric Lift
Electrical System (-260000)
Electrical System (260001-300000)
Electrical System (300001-)
Electromagnetic Pto Clutch
Engine Base
Engine, Complete
Filter, Fuel
Fork, Shifter
Front Lift Kit
Fuel Pump
Fuel Tank
Gasket Set, Engine
Gear Case, Transaxle
Gears, Differential
Gears, Steering
Gears, Transaxle
Governor and Linkage
Hanger Bracket, Mower Drive
Harness, Wiring (-260000)
Harness, Wiring (260001-300000)
Harness, Wiring (300001-)
Head, Cylinder
Heat Shield
Helper Spring, Electric Lift
Hitch Plate
Housing, Axle
Housing, Shifter Lever
Idler, Secondary Belt
Ignition System
Inserts, Valve
Kit, Front Lift
Latch, Seat Release
Lever, Shifter
Lever, Throttle and Choke Control
Lever, Variable Speed Control
Lift, Electric
Lift, Electric, Lift Stop and Secondary
Lift, Electric, Rod and Primary Shaft
Line, Fuel
Link, Drag
Link, Variable Speed Control
Linkage (sn-260,000)
Linkage, Governor
Linkage, Pedal (260001-)
Motor, Starter
Mower Drive Belt Tightener
Oil Fill Tube
Oil Pan
Pan, Oil
Pedal, Brake
Pedal, Clutch
Piston Rings
Pivot, Pto Clutch
Plug, Spark
Points, Breaker
Pto Brake
Pto Controls
Pto Drive Sheave, Manual
Pto Electromagnetic Clutch
Pto Shield
Pump, Fuel
Regulator-Rectifier (-260000)
Regulator-Rectifier (260001-300000)
Regulator-Rectifier (300001-)
Relay, Thermal
Rings, Piston
Rod, Connecting
Rod, Shifter
Rod, Tie
Screen, Engine Air Intake
Seals, Engine
Shaft, Axle
Sheave, Transaxle
Shield, Heat
Shield, Pto
Shifter Forks
Shifter Rods
Solenoid (-260000)
Solenoid (260001-300000)
Solenoid (300001-)
Spark Plug
Splash Tray
Spring, Helper, Electric Lift
Starter Motor
Stator, Alternator
Steering, Gear Assembly
Steering, Tie Rods
Steering, Wheel
Switch, Electric Lift (-260000)
Switch, Electric Lift (260001-300000)
Switch, Electric Lift (300001-)
Switch, Ignition (-260000)
Switch, Ignition (260001-300000)
Switch, Ignition (300001-)
Switch, Pto Clutch (-260000)
Switch, Pto Clutch (260001-300000)
Switch, Transaxle Neutral Start
Tank, Fuel
Thermal Relay
Throttle and Choke Lever
Tie Rod
Tightener, Mower Drive Belt
Tires, Front
Tires, Rear
Transaxle Gear Case
Transaxle Gears
Transaxle Neutral-Start Switch
Transaxle Sheave
Tray, Splash
Tubes, Tire, Front
Tubes, Tire, Rear
Valve, Inserts
Valve, Tire, Front
Valve, Tire, Rear
Valves, Engine Intake and Exhaust
Variable Speed Control Lever and Link
Variator Clutch
Wheel, Front
Wheel, Rear
Wheel, Steering
Wiring, Electrical (-260000)
Wiring, Electrical (260001-300000)
Wiring, Electrical (300001-)

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