Kawasaki KLF110 Mojave Service Manual 1987 ATV

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This Kawasaki KLF110 Mojave Service Manual 1987 ATV is out of print, this is a quality reproduction.

The 206 page, Kawasaki KLF110 Mojave Manual is divided into each chapter by major systems. All information for a particular system from adjustment through disassembly and inspection is located in a single chapter. The Quick Reference Guide in this Kawasaki KLF110 Mojave manual shows you all of the product’s system and assists in locating their chapters. Each chapter in turn has its own comprehensive Table of Contents. The Kawasaki KLF110 Mojave ATV Periodic Maintenance Chart is located in the General Information chapter. The chart gives a time schedule for required maintenance operations. If you want spark plug information, for example, go to the Periodic Maintenance Chart first. The chart tells you how frequently to clean and gap the spark plug. Next, use the Quick Reference Guide to locate the Electrical System chapter. Then, use the Table of Contents on the first page of the chapter to find the Spark Plug section.

Models Covered

1987 Kawasaki KLF110-B1 Mojave 110E (Electric Start Model) ATV
1987 Kawasaki KLF110-A1 Mojave 110 ATV

Table of Contents

General Information
Before Servicing
Model Identification
General Specifications
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Torque and Locking Agent
Cable and Harness Routing

Fuel System
Exploded View
Special Tools
Throttle Case and Cable
Throttle Lever Free Play Inspection
Throttle Lever Free Play Adjustment
Throttle Case Removal/Disassembly
Throttle Case Assembly/Installation
Throttle Cable Removal
Throttle Cable Installation Notes
Throttle Case and Cable Lubrication
Throttle Case Inspection
Throttle Cable Inspection
Choke Knob and Cable
Choke Cable Adjustment
Choke Knob and Cable Removal
Choke Knob and Cable Installation Note
Choke Cable Lubrication
Choke Cable Inspection
Carburetor Adjustment
Fuel Level Inspection
Fuel Level Adjustment
Carburetor Removal
Carburetor Installation
Carburetor Disassembly
Carburetor Assembly
Fuel System Cleanliness Inspection
Carburetor Cleaning
Carburetor Inspection
Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Element Removal
Air Cleaner Element Installation
Air Cleaner Element Cleaning
Air Cleaner Housing Dust and/or Water Inspection
Air Cleaner Element Inspection and Replacement
Air Cleaner Housing Removal
Air Cleaner Housing Installation Note
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Removal
Fuel Tank Installation Notes
Fuel Tap Removal
Fuel Tap Installation
Fuel Tank and Tap Cleaning
Fuel Tap Inspection

Engine Top End
Exploded View
Special Tools
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Removal
Cylinder Head Installation
Cylinder Head Cleaning
Cylinder head Warp
Valves, Guides, Seats, Springs, Oil Seals
Valve Clearance Inspection
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Valve Removal
Valve Installation
Valve Visual Inspection
Valve Head Thickness
Valve Stem Bend
Valve Stem Diameter
Valve Stem Grinding
Valve Guides
Valve Guide Inside Diameter
Valve Guide Removal
Valve Guide Installation
Valve Seats
Valve Seat Inspection
Valve Seat Repair
Measuring Valve-to-Guide
Valve Springs
Valve Spring Removal/Installation
Valve Spring Free Length
Valve Stem Oil Seals
Valve Stem Oil Seal Removal
Valve Stem Oil Seal Installation
Camshaft Sprocket
Camshaft Sprocket Removal
Camshaft Sprocket Installation
Camshaft, Rocker Arms and Shafts
Rocker Arms and Shafts
Rocker Arm and Shaft Removal
Rocker Arm and Shaft Installation
Rocker Arm Inspection
Rocker Shaft Diameter
Camshaft Removal
Camshaft Installation
Camshaft Assembly Note
Cam Wear Inspection
Camshaft Bearing Inspection
Camshaft Chain, Guides and Tensioner
Camshaft Chain
Camshaft Chain Removal
Camshaft Chain Installation
Camshaft Chain Wear
Camshaft Chain Guides
Camshaft Chain Guide Removal
Camshaft Chain Guide Installation
Camshaft Chain Guide Wear
Camshaft Chain Tensioner
Camshaft Chain Tensioner Removal
Camshaft Chain Tensioner
Camshaft Chain Tensioner Wear
Cylinder, Piston and Rings
Cylinder Removal/Installation
Cylinder Removal
Cylinder Installation
Piston and Ring Removal/Installation  ,
Piston and Ring Removal
Piston and Ring Installation
Cylinder, Piston and Ring Maintenance
Compression Measurement
Cylinder/Piston Wear
Piston/Cylinder Clearance
Cylinder Boring and Honing
Piston/Cylinder Seizure
Piston Cleaning
Piston Ring and Ring Groove Wear
Piston Ring End Gap
Exhaust System
Spark Arrester
Spark Arrester Cleaning
Exhaust Pipe and Muffler
Exhaust Pipe and Muffler
Exhaust Pipe and Muffler
Exhaust System Inspection

Engine Left Side
Exploded View
Special Tools
Recoil Starter
Recoil Starter Removal
Recoil Starter Installation
Recoil Starter Disassembly
Recoil Starter Assembly Notes
Recoil Starter Cleaning
Recoil Starter Inspection
Left Engine Cover
Left Engine Cover Removal
Left Engine Cover Installation
Magneto Flywheel and Stator (see Electrical System chapter)
Front Chain Case
Front Outside Chain Case Removal
Front Outside Chain Case Installation
Front Inside Chain Case Removal/Installation
Engine Sprocket
Engine Sprocket Removal
Engine Sprocket Installation
Engine Sprocket Wear

Engine Right Side
Exploded View
Engine Lubrication System
Special Tools
Right Engine Cover
Right Engine Cover Removal
Right Engine Cover Installation
Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Removal/Disassembly
Clutch Removal
Clutch Installation
Clutch Disassembly
Clutch Assembly
Clutch Inspection
Friction Plate Wear and Damage
Friction Plate and Steel Plate Warp
Clutch Housing Damage
Clutch Hub Damage
Clutch Release
Clutch Release Removal
Clutch Release Installation
Clutch Release Wear
Primary Reduction
Primary Gear Removal
Primary Gear Installation
Secondary Gear Removal
Secondary Gear Installation
Primary and Secondary Gear Damage
Primary Gear/Collar Wear
Lubrication System
Engine Oil
Engine Oil Level Inspection
Engine Oil Change
Oil Flow Inspection
Engine Oil Pump
Oil Pump Removal
Oil Pump Installation
Oil Pump Disassembly
Oil Pump Assembly
Oil Pump Inspection
Oil Filter (Oil Screen)
Oil Screen Removal
Oil Screen Installation
Oil Screen Cleaning and Inspection
Oil Filter (Centrifugal Filter)
Centrifugal Filter Cleaning

Engine Removal/Installation
Exploded View
Engine Removal/Installation
Engine Removal
Engine Installation

Engine Bottom End/Transmission
Exploded View
Special Tools
Crankcase Splitting
Crankcase Disassembly
Crankcase Assembly
Crankshaft and Connecting Rod
Crankshaft Removal/Disassembly
Crankshaft Removal
Crankshaft Installation
Crankshaft Disassembly
Crankshaft Assembly
Crankshaft Inspection/Maintenance
Connecting Rod Big End
Radial Clearance
Connecting Rod Big End
Side Clearance
Crankshaft Alignment
Connecting Rod Big End Seizure
Transmission External Shift Mechanism
External Shift Mechanism Removal
External Shift Mechanism
External Shift Mechanism
Transmission Shafts, Shift Drum, Forks
Transmission Removal/Disassembly
Transmission Removal
Transmission Installation
Transmission Shaft Disassembly
Transmission Shaft Assembly
Oil Seal and Bearing Removal
Oil Seal and Bearing Installation
Transmission Maintenance
Shift Fork Bending
Shift Fork/Gear Groove Wear
Shift Fork Guide Pin/Shift
Drum Groove Wear
Gear Dog/Gear Dog Hole Damage
Ball and Needle Bearing Wear

Exploded View
Special Tools
Wheel Alignment
Steering Centering Inspection
Steering Centering Adjustment
Toe-in Inspection
Toe-in Adjustment
Wheels (Rims)
Wheel Removal
Wheel Installation
Wheel Inspection
Wheel Replacement
Tire Removal
Tire Installation
Tire Inspection
Wheel Bearings
Rear Hub
Rear Hub Disassembly/Assembly Note

Final Drive
Exploded View
Special Tools
Drive Chain Case and Guard
Drive Chain Case and Guard Removal
Drive Chain Case and Guard Installation
Drive Chain
Drive Chain Slack Inspection
Drive Chain Slack Adjustment
Drive Chain Lubrication
Drive Chain Removal
Drive Chain Installation
Drive Chain Wear
Rear Sprocket
Rear Sprocket Removal
Rear Sprocket Installation Note
Rear Sprocket Wear
Rear Axle and Bearings
Rear Axle Removal
Rear Axle Installation Notes
Rear Axle Shaft Runout Inspection
Bearing Housing Removal
Rear Axle Bearing Removal
Rear Axle Bearing Installation Notes
Rear Axle Bearing Inspection

Exploded View
Special Tools
Brake Adjustment
Front Brake Lever Free Play Adjustment
Brake Pedal Free Play Adjustment
Parking Brake Lever Free Play Adjustment
Cam Lever Angle Adjustment
Brake Removal/Disassembly
Front Brake Drum Removal
Front Brake Drum Installation Notes
Front Brake Drum Disassembly/Assembly Note
Front Brake Drum Bearing Removal
Front Brake Drum Bearing Installation Notes
Front Brake Drum Bearing Inspection
Front Brake Panel Unit Removal
Front Brake Panel Unit Installation Notes
Front Brake Panel Disassembly
Front Brake Panel Assembly
Rear Brake Drum Removal
Rear Brake Drum Installation Notes
Rear Brake Panel Disassembly
Rear Brake Panel Assembly
Brake Cables, Brake Levers and Brake Pedal
Front Brake Cable Removal
Parking Brake Cable Removal
Front or Parking
Brake Cable Installation Notes
Front Brake Lever Removal
Front Brake Lever Installation
Parking Brake Lever Removal
Parking Brake Lever Installation
Rear Brake Pedal Removal
Rear Brake Pedal Installation Notes
Brake Maintenance
Brake Drum Wear
Brake Shoe Lining Wear
Brake Shoe Spring Inspection
Brake Lubrication

Exploded View
Special Tool
Shock Absorbers
Shock Absorber Removal
Shock Absorber Installation Notes
Shock Absorber Inspection
Suspension Arms;
Suspension Arm Removal
Suspension Arm Installation Notes
Suspension Arrrf Disassembly
Suspension Arm Inspection
Suspension Arm Knuckle Pivot Inspection
Suspension Arm Knuckle Pivot Lubrication

Exploded View
Steering Removal/Installation
Steering Stem Removal
Steering Stem Installation Notes
Tie-rod Removal
Tie-rod Installation
Tie-rod End Removal
Tie-rod End Installation Note
Steering Maintenance
Steering Inspection
Steering Stem Warp
Steering Lubrication
Steering Clamp Inspection
Steering Stem Bearing inspection
Tie-rod End Inspection
Handlebar Removal
Handlebar Installation
Handlebar Grip Removal
Handlebar Grip Installation

Exploded View
Seat Removal
Seat Installation
Side Cover
Side Cover Removal
Side Cover Installation Note
Front Fender Cover Removal
Front Fender Removal
Rear Fender Removal
Fender Installation Notes

Electrical System
Exploded View
Special Tools
Battery (electric start models)
Precautions for Battery
Battery Removal
Battery Installation
Electrolyte Level Inspection
Battery Condition
Battery Initial Charging
Battery Ordinary Charging
Battery Tust Charging
Magneto Flywheel
Magneto Flywheel Removal
Magneto Flywheel Installation
Magneto Flywheel Inspection
Magneto Stator Removal
Magneto Stator Installation
Charging System (electric start models)
Regulator/Rectifier Output
Voltage Measurement
Regulator/Rectifier Inspection
Charging Coil Resistance Inspection
Charging Coil Insulation Test
Ignition System
Safety Instruction
Spark Plug Removal
Spark Plug Installation Note
Spark Plug Cleaning and Inspection
Spark Plug Gap
Ignition Coil Removal
Ignition Timing Inspection
Ignition Coil Arcing Distance
Ignition Coil Resistance Inspection
Exciter Coil Resistance Inspection
CDI Unit Resistance Inspection
Pickup Coil Resistance Inspection
Electric Startor System
(electric start modolsl
Starter Relay Removal
Starter Relay Inspection
Starter Circuit Relay Removal
Starter Circuit Relay Inspection
One-way Clutch Removal/
Installation Notes
One-way Clutch Inspection
Starter Motor Removal
Starter Motor Installation
Starter Motor Disassembly
Starter Motor Assembly Notes
Brush Inspection
Brush Continuity Inspection
Commutator Cleaning
and Inspection
Armature Inspection
Lighting System
Headlight Beam Vertical Adjustment
Headlight Bulb Replacement
Taillight Bulb Replacement
Headlight Unit Removal
Headlight Unit Installation
Headlight Circuit Inspection
AC Lighting Voltage Measurement
(non electric start models)
Lighting Coil Resistance Inspection
Light Switch and Engine Stop
Switch Removal
Engine Stop Switch Cleaning
Light Switch Cleaning
Switch Inspection
Electrical Wiring
Wiring Inspection
KLF110-A1 Wiring Diagram
KLF110-B1 Wiring Diagram

Additional Considerations for Racing
Spark Plug
Spark Plug Inspection
Troubleshooting Guide
General Lubrication
Bolt and Nut Tightening
Tightness Inspection
Unit Conversion Table

Additional information

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