Triumph Replacement Parts Manual for 1972 650cc Motorcycles


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This 92 page, Triumph Replacement Parts Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print publication. The manual applies to 1972 650cc covers 1972 Triumph Bonneville T120R, T120RV, Tiger 650 TR6R, TR6RV, Trophy 650 TR6C and TR6CV motorcycles. To assist the owner and dealer in identifying requirements, this book contains numerous exploded views of major assemblies. Each component part is numbered and by cross reference to the illustration index, the part number of the component will be found. Against each part number a page and reference number is shown and by referring to the appropriate page, the full description of the part will be found against the reference number.

The following components are show in this manual:

Air Cleaner, Alternator, Auto-Advance Unit, Battery Carrier, Brake Switch Breather Pipes, Camshaft Inlet And Exhaust, Carburetor, Carton Packs, Center Stand, Chains, Chaincase, Clutch, Clutch Lever Assembly, Coil, Condenser Pack, Connecting Rods, Contact Breaker, Control Cables, Control Levers, Crankcase, Crankcase Undershield, Crankshaft, Cylinders, Cylinder Head, Exhaust Pipes, Five Speed Gearbox, Foot Rests, Frame, Front Forks, Front Wheel, Gas Tank Gearbox, Handlebar, Handlebar Mountings, Headlamp, Horn, Kickstarter, Manifold, Motor Plates, Motor Torque Stay, Mufflers, Oil Pump, Oil Pipes, Oil Pressure Release Valve, Pistons, Prop Stand, Push Rods, Rear Wheel, Rockers, Side Panel, Spark Plug, Speedometer Gearbox, Steering Damper, Suspension Units, Swinging Fork, Switches, Table Of Standard Hardware, Tachometer, Tachometer Gearbox, Tail Lamp, Tappets, Timing Gears, Toolkit, Twin Seat, Valves, Valve Guides, Wiring Harness, Zener Diode

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