Tractor Magneto Encyclopedia and Service Manual

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This magneto service manual covers over 110 magneto models. Over 580 pages plus illustrations. Includes a special section on magneto fundamentals and physics. This books contains everything you need to service and repair your magneto. Covers International Harvester magnetos, IHC low tension magnetos, Case 4-JMA 4-CMA 41 601 FU-4-BR magnetos, Apollo magnetos, Bosch MJB4A MJB6A MJC1B and other Bosch magnetos, Dixie magnetos, Eisemann magnetos, John Deere magnetos (Fairbanks Morse, WICO, Edison), Fairbanks Morse (FM-X, FM-X1-2B7, FM-XE1-2B7C, FM-ZV4B7, FM-ZVF4B7, FM-X4B7A, FM-XZE4B7, 273-E for Z engine, Type RV, FM-J4A, FM-J4B, Super Spark Type FM, (FM-X, VE4, VF4, VP4D for Wisconsin)) magnetos, Henricks (Comet, Type S, S4, Comet M, LC, Eureka DC) magnetos, Webster magnetos, WICO for Maytag, WICO XH and XHD, WICO XHG-4 for Kohler, WICO (Series AP, C, XB, XV and Type EK) magnetos and Wizard magnetos. 810 Pages.

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