BMW Shop Manual for BMW 1602 1802 2002 Automobiles


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This BMW Shop Manual for BMW 1602 1802 2002 Automobiles is a high quality reproduction of the original, out of print BMW Shop Manual for BMW 1602 1802 2002 cars. The set contains two volumes with over 900 pages of detailed repair information. Originally published by Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Munchen, and printed in Germany.

Full mechanical diagrams & photographs. Written in English.

BMW part # 01 5109 699 551 A must have item for any BMW enthusiast.


This repair manual is intended to ensure that the maintenance and repair work required for BMW cars is done in the correct manner. Therefore this manual should be used by inspectors and fitters as it helps to supplement the practical and theoretical knowledge they have acquired at our service training school.

The relevant specifications are always provided at the beginning of each main group.

The specifications apply to standard cars that have not been involved in an accident and have not been modified after leaving the factory.

Basically speaking, the Touring models are identical with the saloons so that in the specifications and values quoted reference is only made to points in which the Tourirvg models differ from the other cars.

The group system applied in this manual is taken from our flat rate catalog.

For example, page,32-21/6 means:

32 main group

-21 subgroup

/6 page in sub group

Photographs have been provided to show how the special tools must be applied for the individual processes and operations.

Removal/disassembly is always described for each operation. If fitting/assembly is not possible in the opposite order a “note when fitting” is provided.

Chapters include:

Maintenance and general hints



Fuel supply and adjustments

Fuel tank and lines


Exhaust system



Transmission -automatic

Gear shift mechanism

Drive shaft

Front axle

Steering and wheel alignment

Rear axle


Pedal assembly

Wheels and tyres

Integrated suspension systems


Body-interior equipment


Sliding roof




Heating and air conditioning system

Radio and accessories

Equipment parts and accessories for engine and chassis

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