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This Ossa Pioneer Stiletto TT Motorcycle Owners Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print manual. This booklet provides service and maintenance information for Ossa 250 and 175cc motorcycles including the 1971 Ossa Stiletto 250 TT, 1971 Ossa Stiletto 250 AS, 1971 Ossa Stiletto 175 AS, 1971 Ossa Pioneer 250 AE, and 1971 Ossa Pioneer 175 AE models. It features 70 pages of information, photographs and illustrations.

The Ossa line of 250 and 175cc, five speed models, covered in this Manual, consists of the Pioneer, the Stiletto and the T.T., the last one being manufactured only in 250cc configuration.

The pioneer is a multi-purpose machine for street or off-road riding. It has the steering wide-ratio gearbox, and long-travel suspension needed for trial-riding or flat-out enduro competition.

The Stiletto is a lightweight, but sturdy, scrambler. The gearbox ratio is close, but not too close. The engine is tuned for all-around scrambling.

The T.T. is designed for competition on short-track or very rapid tracks; it has en extremely powerful engine and a very close ratio gearbox.

Contents include:
YOUR OSSA, THE OSSA WARRANTY, THE CONTROLS – Handlebars, Twistgrip, Clutch, Front Brake, Switchbox, Speedometer, Footshift, Petcocks, Carburetor Tickler, Kickstarter, Stand, Rear Brake, Rear Shock-Absorbers, Footpegs, Tool Kit, Pioneer Mufflers
PREPARATION – Fuel Mixtures, Primary Case and Gearbox, Tire Pressures, Nuts and Bolts.
RIDING – Starting the Engine, Starting off, Braking, Shifting Gears, A Note on Riding
SCHEDULED LUBRICATION – Frequency of Lubrication, Rear Chain, Clutch Handlebar-Lever, Clutch Cable, Clutch Linkage, Front-Brake Handlebar Lever, Front Brake Cable, Front Brake Cam, Rear Brake Cable, Rear Brake Cam, Twistgrip, Throttle Cable, Speedometer Drive, Speedometer Cable, Checking Engine Lubricant, Changing Engine Lubricant, Front Fork Lubricant, Steering Bearings

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