Honda H4518 H4518H Lawn Tractor Shop Manual


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This Official Honda Power Equipment shop manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Honda H4518H Lawn Tractor models.

This manual covers the construction, function and servicing procedures of the Honda H4518H LAWN TRACTOR. Careful observance of these instructions will result in better, safer service work.

Table of Contents

Specifications, Dimensional Drawings, Service Information, Generalsafety, Service Rules, Serial Number Locations, Maintenance Standards, Torque Values, Special Tools, Troubleshooting, Maintenance Schedule, Cable/harness Routing, Wiring Diagram, Lift And Support Points, Maintenance, Engineoil, Transmission Oil, Coolant, Air Cleaner, Sparkplug, Spark Arrester (Optional) , Valve Clearance , Governor, Carburetor, Fueltank And Fuel Lines, Fuelfilter, Battery Electrolyte Level, Tire Pressure, Throttle Lever, Pto (Power Take-off) Cable, Drive Clutch, Brake Shoe Wear, Brake Pedal Rod Adjustment , Parking Brake’ Indicator Lamp And Buzzer, Seat Safety Switch, Headlight Bulb, Cutter Deck Drive Belt, Blade Belt, Blade And Blade Bolts, Front Axle, Radiator Screen, Disassembly And Service, Cutter Deck, Steering/front And Rear Wheels, Engine Hood, Radiator, Pto Clutch, Air Cleaner, Carburetor/governor, Muffler, Engine, Instrument Panel, Battery, Seat/rear Fender, Fueltank, Floor, Brake, Drive Shaft, Drive Clutch, Shift Lever, Transmission, Frame, Electrical Equipment, Operation, Power Train, Mat (Mechanical Auto-clutch Transmission) Mechanism, Steering Mechanism, Front Axle , Brake, Overheat Alert System, Side Discharge Mechanism

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