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Most Honda ATV, motorcycle and scooter manuals will advise you to consult the Honda Common Service Manual for additional information. The Honda Common Service Manual outlines all service and repair procedures used in a typical motorcycle service shop environment. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the service manual specifically designed for your ATV, motorcycle or scooter. It is NOT a replacement for a repair manual. Many common procedures are outlined in this book in greater detail than may be included in your service manual. If you are purchasing a Honda Factory manual this book is the perfect companion publication.

This earlier edition Honda Common Service Manual, printed in 2004, explains the theory of operation of the various systems common to Honda motorcycles, motor scooters, ATVs and Personal Watercraft.

This manual is an invaluable resource for all students of motorcycle technology in general and Honda technology in particular. All motorcycle operating systems are explained in detail with easy to read text supported by high quality illustrations. Each section begins with an outline of operational theory, continues with a detail of the various types of technology used by Honda over the years, and then follows up with troubleshooting and repair procedures.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – General Information
General Safety, Service Rules, Fasteners, Ball Bearing Replacement

Chapter 2 – Maintenance
Fuel Line, Fuel Strainer Screen, Throttle Operation, Oil Pump And Oil Line (2-Stroke Separate Oil Supply Motorcycles), Carburetor Choke, Air Cleaner, Air Cleaner Housing Drain Tube (Off-Road Motorcycles And Atvs), Crankcase Breather, Spark Plug, Valve Clearance, Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter, Engine Oil Filter Screen, Decarbonizing (2-Stroke Engine), Carburetor Synchronization, Carburetor Idle Speed, Radiator Coolant, Cooling System, Secondary Air Supply System, Evaporative Emission Control, System, Transmission Oil (2-Stroke Engine), Drive Chain, Drive Chain Slider, Chain Guide, Guide Slider And Rollers, Drive Belt, Belt Case Air Cleaner, Final Drive Oil Level, Battery, Brake Fluid, Brake Shoe Wear, Brake Pad Wear, Brake System, Brake Light Switches, Headlight Aim, Clutch System, Side Stand, Suspension, Spark Arrester (Usa Only), Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, Wheels/Tires, Steering Head Bearings, Wheel Alignment (Four Trax).

Chapter 3 – Engine Testing
Service Information, Troubleshooting, Compression Testing, Leak-Down Testing.

Chapter 4 – Lubrication
Service Information, Service Data, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, Oil Pump Descriptions, Oil Pressure Check, Oil Pump Inspection, Pressure Relief Valve, Oil Pump/Oil Line Bleeding (2-Stroke Engine), Oil Cooler Inspection.

Chapter 5 – Cooling System
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, Coolant, System Testing, Thermostat, Water Pump

Chapter 6 – Exhaust System
Service Information, System Description, Troubleshooting

Chapter 7 – Emission Control Systems
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, System Inspections, Emission Control Information Labels

Chapter 8 – Fuel System
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Description, Accelerator Pump, Air Cut-Off Valve, Reed Valve, Fuel Line, Fuel Auto Valve, Carburetor Disassembly/ Inspection, Carburetor Assembly, Pilot (Or Air) Screw Adjustment, Accelerator Pump Adjustment, High Altitude Adjustment.

Chapter 9 – Cylinder Head
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Description, Hydraulic Tappets, Decompressor System, Camshaft, Rocker Arm, Rocker Arm Shaft, Cylinder Head Inspection, Cylinder Head Disassembly, Valve Springs, Valves, Valve Guides, Valve Seats, Cylinder Head Assembly, Initial Camshaft Lubrication.

Chapter 10 – Cylinder/Piston
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Description, Cylinder, Piston/Piston Ring, Cylinder Installation.

Chapter 11 – Clutch
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, Clutch Inspection, Hydraulic Clutch System Service.

Chapter 12 – V-Matic Belt Drive System
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Description, Drive Belt, Drive Pulley, Clutch/Driven Pulley.

Chapter 13 – Transmission
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Description

Chapter 14 – Crankcase/Crankshaft
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, Crankshaft Inspection, Crankshaft Main Bearing, Connecting Rod Bearings, Connecting Rod.

Chapter 15 – Final Drive/Output Shaft
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Description

Chapter 16 – Wheels/Tires
Service Information, Troubleshooting, Wheel Removal/Installation, Wheel Bearing Replacement, Basic Tire Information

Chapter 17 – Brakes
Troubleshooting, Brake System Descriptions, Brake System Descriptions, Mechanical Drum Brakes.

Chapter 18 – Front Suspension
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, Fork, Handlebar(S), Steering Stem.

Chapter 19 – Rear Suspension
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, Shock Absorber, Swingarm, Pro-Link Suspension Linkage

Chapter 20 – Frame/Body Panels
Service Information, Troubleshooting, Description, Inspection

Chapter 21 – Electrical Fundamentals
Service Information, Basic Electronic Knowledge, Electrical Symbols, Basic Electrical Diagnostic Methods.

Chapter 22 – Battery/Charging/Lighting System
Service Information, Troubleshooting, Battery Descriptions, Battery Removal/Installation, Battery Testing/Charging, Charging System Descriptions, Charging System Inspection, Regulator/Rectifier Inspection, Headlight Voltage Inspection, Alternator.

Chapter 23 – Ignition Systems
Service Information, Troubleshooting, System Descriptions, Spark Test, Ignition Timing, Ignition System Inspection (Peak Voltage Measurement Method), Ignition Coil, Side Stand Ignition Cut-Off Switch.

Chapter 24 – Electric Starter/Starter Clutch
Service Information, Troubleshooting, Starter Motor, Starter Relay Switch, Clutch Switch Diode Inspection, Starter Clutch Inspection, Starter Pinion Inspection

Chapter 25 – Lights/Meters/Switches
Service Information, Oil Pressure Warning Light (4-Stroke Engine), Oil Level Indicator (2-Stroke Engine), Fan Motor Switch, Coolant Temperature Gauge, Fuelgauge, Low Fuel Indicator, Fuel Pump, Headlight Bulb, Switches. Turn Signal Lights, Horn, Side Stand Switch Side Stand Indicator.

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