1985-1988 Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator Motorcycle Service Manual Supplement

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This 193 page, 1985-1988 Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator Service Manual Supplement is a reproduction of the original manual, out of print manual. This manual must be used in conjunction with item: 99924-1048-11 (Kawasaki ZX900 Motorcycle Service Manual – sold separately). Together both books provide detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Kawasaki ZL900-A1 Eliminator, 1986 Kawasaki ZL900-A2 Eliminator, 1987 Kawasaki ZL1000-A1 and 1988 Kawasaki ZL1000-A2 (UK) motorcycles. Please note that this rare original manual is out of print and is only available as a reproduction. We have a limited supply on hand and can no longer get these once they are gone.

Now before you pull the trigger here you need to understand that you NEED both the base and the supplement manual to work on your motorcycle. Many people try to buy the supplement manual only and then find out it is missing most of the information they need and they get frustrated. The 1985-1988 Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator Service Manual Supplement is designed to be used in conjunction with the Kawasaki ZX900 Motorcycle Service Manual (P/N 99924-1048-11). The maintenance and repair procedures described in this supplement are only those that are unique to 1985-1988 Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator motorcycles and the supplement will not have everything you need. Most service operations for these models remain identical to those described in the base Service Manual. Complete and proper servicing of 1985-1988 Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator motorcycles requires both this supplement and the base Service Manual. The base Service Manual and this Supplement are designed primarily for use by motorcycle mechanics in a properly equipped shop. However, they contain enough detail and basic information to make them useful to the 1985-1988 Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator owner who wants to perform his/her own basic maintenance and repair work. A basic know ledge of mechanics, the proper use of tools, and work shop procedures must be understood in order to carry out maintenance and repair satisfactorily. Whenever the operator has insufficient experience or doubts his ability to do the work, the adjustments, maintenance, and repair should be carried out only by qualified mechanics. In order to perform the work efficiently and to avoid costly mistakes, the mechanic should read the text, thoroughly familiarize himself with the procedures before starting work, and then do the work carefully in a clean area. Whenever special tools and equipment are specified, makeshift tools or equipment should not be used. Precision measurements can only be made if the proper instruments are used, and the use of substitute tools may adversely affect safe operation of the motorcycle.

This Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator Service Manual includes the following chapters and/or references to the base manual chapters:

Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator General Information

Fuel System
Exploded View
Throttle Grip and Cable
Throttle Grip Play Inspection
Throttle Cable Adjustment
Throttle Cable Lubrication
Throttle Cable Inspection
Choke Cable
Choke Cable Free Play Inspection
Choke Cable Adjustment
Choke Cable Lubrication
Choke Cable Inspection
Idle Speed Inspection
Idle Speed Adjustment
Vacuum Synchronization Inspection
Butterfly Valve Synchronization
Fuel Level Inspection
Fuel Level Adjustment
Fuel System Cleanliness Inspection
Carburetor Removal/Installation Notes
Carburetor Disassembly/Assembly Notes
Carburetor Separation/Assembly Notes
Carburetor Cleaning
Carburetor Inspection
Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Element Removal
Air Cleaner Element Installation
Air Cleaner Element Cleaning
Air Cleaner Element Inspection and Replacement
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Removal
Fuel Tank Installation
Fuel Tap Removal
Fuel Tap Installation
Fuel Tank and Tap Cleaning
Fuel Tap Inspection
Fuel Tank and Cap Inspection
Evaporative Emission Control System {US California Vehicle Only)
Parts Removal/Installation Notes
Hose Inspection
Separator Inspection
Separator Operation Test
Canister Inspection
Fuel Tank and Cap Inspection

Cooling System
Exploded Views
Cooling System
Coolant Deterioration
Coolant Level Inspection
Coolant Draining
Coolant Filling
Air Bleeding
Visual Leak Inspection
Cooling System Pressure Testing
Disassembly and Assembly Precautions
Water Pump
Pump Cover Removal/Installation
Pump Impeller Inspection
Water Pump Removal
Water Pump Installation Note
Radiator, Radiator Fan
Radiator Removal
Radiator Installation Note
Radiator Inspection
Radiator Cap Inspection
Radiator Hose, Reservoir Tank Hose Inspection
Radiator Hose, Pipe, Reservoir
Tank Hose Installation Note
Thermostat Removal/Installation
Thermostat Inspection

Engine Top End
Exploded View
Special Tools
Clean Air System (US model)
Air Suction Valve Installation
Vacuum Switch Valve Installation
Clean Air System Hose Inspection
Vacuum Switch Valve Test
Cylinder Head Cover
Cylinder Head Cover Removal
Installation Note
Cam Chain Tensioner
Chain Tensioner Removal
Chain Tensioner Installation
Replacement Chain Tensioner
Camshaft, Camshaft Chain,
Rocker Shaft
Camshafts, Rocker Shafts
Removal Note
Camshafts, Rocker Shafts
Installation Notes
Chain Timing Procedure
Camshaft and Sprocket
Assembly Notes
Camshaft OH Clearance Inspection
Camshaft Chain Wear
Camshaft Chain Guide Wear
Oil Pipe
Oil Pipe Installation Note
Head Oil Pipe Installation Note
Main Oil Pipe Removal Note
Main Oil Pipe Installation Note
Cylinder Head
Compression Measurement
Cylinder Head Removal Note
Cylinder Head Installation Notes
Cylinder Head Disassembly and Assembly
(Valve Mechanism Removal
and Installation)
Cylinder Head Warp
Cylinder Head Cleaning
Valve Clearance Inspection
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Valve Seat Inspection
Valve Seat Repair
Measuring Va/ve-to Guide Clearance
(Wobble method)
Cylinder, Piston
Piston Removal Notes
Piston Installation Note
Cylinder Block Installation Notes
Piston Ring, Piston Ring Groove Wear
Piston Ring End Gap
Cylinder Inside Diameter
Piston Diameter
Boring, Honing
Carburetor Holder
Carburetor Holder Installation
Muffler Removal Notes
Muffler Installation Notes
Muffler Clamp Bolt and Exhaust Power
Chamber Bolt Tightness Inspection

Exploded Views
Special Tool
Clutch Fluid
Clutch Fluid Recommendation
Clutch Fluid Level Inspection
Clutch Fluid Changing
Clutch Line Air Bleeding
Clutch Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder Disassembly
Master Cylinder Assembly Note
Master Cylinder Installation
Inspection and Adjustment after Installation
Visual Inspection
Clutch Pipe
Clutch Pipe Installation Note
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Clutch Slave Cylinder Removal
Clutch Slave Cylinder Disassembly
Clutch Slave Cylinder Assembly
Clutch Removal
Clutch Installation Note
Clutch Hub Disassembly/Assembly
Spring Plate Pusher Removal /Installation Note
Right Cover Installation Note
Right Cover Cleaning
Spring Plate Free Play Measurement
Clutch Plates Replacement
Clutch Plate Wear, Damage Inspeciton
Friction or Steel Plate Warp Inspection
Cam Damper Inspection
Clutch Spring Free Length Measurement
Clutch Housing Finger Inspection
Clutch Hub Spline Inspection

Engine Lubrication System
Exploded View
Engine Oil Flow Chart
Special Tools
Engine Oil and Oil Filter
Engine Oil Level Inspection
Engine Oil and/or Filter Change
Oil Filter and Bypass Valve Removal
Oil Filter and Bypass Valve Installation Notes
Bypass Valve Disassembly
Bypass Valve Assembly
Bypass Valve Cleaning and Inspection
Oil Pan
Oil Pan Removal/Installation Note
Oil Pump and Relief Valve
Oil Pump and Relief Valve Removal
Oil Pump and Relief Valve Installation Notes
Oil Pump Disassembly
Oil Pump Assembly Notes
Oil Pump Drive Gear Removal
Oil Pump Drive Gear Installation
Oil Pump Gear Removal
Oil Pump Gear Installation Notes
Oil Pressure Measurement
Oil Pump Inspection
Relief Valve Inspection
Oil Screens
Oil Screen Removal
Oil Screen Installation Note
Oil Screen Cleaning and Inspection
Oil Pressure Switch (see Electrical System chapter)

Engine Removal/Installation
Exploded View
Engine Removal/Installation
Engine Removal
Engine Installation

Crankshaft / Transmission
Exploded View
Special Tools
Crankcase Splitting
Crankcase Splitting
Crankcase Assembly
Crankshaft/Connecting Rods
Crankshaft, Connecting Rods
Crankshaft Removal
Crankshaft Installation Note
Connecting Rod Removal
Connecting Rod Installation Notes
Crankshaft, Connecting Rods
Cran k shaft/Connecting
Rod Cleaning
Connecting Rod Bend/Twist
Connecting Rod Big End
Side Clearance
Connecting Rod Big End Bearing
Insert/Crankpin Wear
Crankshaft Runout
Crankshaft Main Bearing
Insert/Journal Wear
Crankshaft Side Clearance
Alternator Shaft/Starter Motor Clutch
Chain Tensioner Removal
Chain Tensioner Installation Note
Chain and Sprocket Removal
Chain and Sprocket
Installation Note
Alternator Shaft and
Starter Clutch Removal
Alternator Shaft and Starter
Clutch Installation Notes
Alternator Shaft Chain Wear
Chain Guide Wear
Damper Inspection
Starter Motor Clutch Inspection
Ball and Needle Bearing Wear
Transmission External Shift Mechanism
External Shift Mechanism Removal   ,
External Shift Mechanism
Installation Notes
External Shift Mechanism
Transmission Shafts, Shift Drum, Forks
Transmission Removal/Disassembly
Transmission Shaft Removal
Transmission Shaft Installation
Transmission Shaft Disassembly
Transmission Shaft Assembly
Shift Drum and Fork Removal
Shift Drum and Fork Installation
Transmission Maintenance
Gear Backlash
Shift Fork Bending
Shift Fork /Gear Groove Wear
Shift Fork Guide Pin/Shift
Drum Groove Wear
Gear Dog/Gear Dog Hole Damage
Ball and Needle Bearing Wear

Wheels / Tires
Exploded View
Special Tools
Wheels (Rims)
Front Wheel Removal
Front Wheel Installation
Rear Wheel Removal
Rear Wheel Installation
Wheel Inspection
Axle Inspection
Wheel Balance
Tire Removal
Tire Installation
Tire Inspection
Tire Repair
Hub Bearings
Front Hub Bearing Removal
Front Hub Bearing Installation
Rear Hub Bearing Removal
Rear Hub Bearing Installation
Hub Bearing Inspection and Lubrication
Grease Seal Inspection and Lubrication
Speedometer Gear Housing
Speedometer Gear Housing Disassembly
Speedometer Gear Housing Assembly
Speedometer Gear Housing Lubrication

Final Drive
Exploded View
Special Tools
Final Gear Case Oil
Final Gear Case OH Level Inspection
Final Gear Case Oil Change
Final Bevel Gears
Final Gear Case Removal
Final Gear Case Installation Notes
Final Gear Case Disassembly
Final Gear Case Assembly Notes
Pinion Gear Removal
Pinion Gear Installation
Pinion Gear Bearing Preload Adjustment
Final Gear Backlash and Tooth Contact Adjustment
Pinion Gear Joint Inspection
Bevel Gear Inspection
Oil Seal Inspection
Tapered Roller Bearing Inspection
Propeller Shaft
Propeller Shaft Removal
Propeller Shaft Installation
Propeller Shaft Inspection
Propeller Shaft Sliding Joint Inspection
Propeller Shaft Joint Lubrication
Front Bevel Gear
Front Bevel Gear Case Removal
Front Bevel Gear Case Inspection
Front Bevel Gear Case Disassembly
Front Bevel Gear Case Assembly
Driven Shaft Bevel Gear Removal
Driven Shaft Bevel Gear Installation
Damper Cam Removal/Installation Notes
Front Driven Gear Bearing Preload Adjustment
Front Bevel Gear Backlash and Tooth Contact Adjustment
Bevel Gear Inspection
Oil Seal Inspection
Tapered Roller Bearing Inspection
Drive Gear Bearing Inspection
Damper Cam Inspection

Exploded View
Special Tool
Brake Adjustment
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Rear Master Cylinder Clevis Position Inspection ,
Rear Master Cylinder Clevis Position Adjustment
Caliper Removal
Caliper Installation Notes
Caliper Disassembly Notes
Caliper Assembly Notes
Fluid Seal Damage
Dust Seal and Cover Damage
Piston Cylinder Damage
Caliper Holder Shaft Wear
Brake Pads
Pad Removal
Pad Installation Notes
Lining Wear
Master Cylinders
Front Master Cylinder Removal
Rear Master Cylinder Removal
Front Master Cylinder Installation Notes
Rear Master Cylinder Installation Notes
Inspection and Adjustment After Installation
Front Master Cylinder Disassembly Notes
Rear Master Cylinder Disassembly Notes
Front Master Cylinder Assembly Notes
Rear Master Cylinder Assembly Notes
Master Cylinder Inspection
Reservoir Disassembly Notes
Reservoir Assembly Notes
Disc Wear
Disc Cleaning
Disc Warp
Brake Fluid
Fluid Level Inspection
Brake Fluid Change
Bleeding the Brake Line
Brake Hoses
Brake Hose Inspection
Brake Hose Replacement

Exploded View
Special Tools
Front Fork
Air Pressure Adjustment
Fork Oil Change
Front Fork Removal
Front Fork Installation
Front Fork Disassembly
Front Fork Assembly
Inner Tube Inspection
Guide Bush Inspection
Oil Seal and Dust Seal Inspection
Spring Tension
Rear Shock Absorber
Air Pressure Adjustment
Damping Force Adjustment
Rear Shock Absorber Removal
Rear Shock Absorber Installation Note
Rear Shock Absorber Inspection
Rear Shock Absorber Oil Filling
Rear Shock Scrapping
Swing Arm
Swing Arm Removal
Swing Arm Installation Alignment
Swing Arm Disassembly Notes
Swing Arm Assembly Note
Swing Arm Bearing Inspection
Swing Arm Lubrication

Exploded View
Special Tools
Steering Adjustment
Steering Inspection
Steering Adjustment
Steering Removal/Installation
Steering Stem Removal
Steering Stem Installation
Steering Maintenance
Steering Stem Bearing Lubrication
Bearing Wear, Damage
Grease Seal Deterioration, Damage
Steering Stem Warp

Exploded View
Handlebar Removal
Handlebar Installation Notes
Throttle Grip and Cable
Choke Cable

Exploded View
Seat Cover
Seat Cover Removal
Seat Cover Installation Notes
Rear Fender Rear Section Removal
Rear Fender Rear Section Installation Notes
Rear Fender Front Section Removal
Rear Fender Front Section Installation Notes

Electrical System & Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram
Exploded View
Special Tools
Electrolyte Level Inspection
Battery Charging
Battery Condition
Battery Initial Charging
Battery Ordinary Charging
Battery Test Charging
Alternator Removal/Disassembly
Alternator Removal
Alternator Installation Notes
Alternator Disassembly
Alternator Assembly Notes
Alternator Trobleshooting
Test No 1-Battery Discharged
Test No 2-Battery Overcharged
Test No 3-Noise
Alternator Inspection
Ball Bearing Inspection
Startor Coil Inspection
Rotor Coil Inspection
Slip Ring Cleaning
Slip Ring Diameter
Carbon Brush Length
Rectifier Inspection
Regulator Inspection
Ignition System
Safety Instructions
Parts Removal
Pickup Coil Removal/
Installation Notes
Ignition Coil Removal/
Installation Notes
Spark Plug Removal/
Installation Notes
Ignition System Troubleshooting
Ignition System Inspection
IC Igniter Inspection
Pickup Coil Inspection
Ignition Coil Inspection
Spark Plug Cleaning and Inspection
Spark Plug Gap
Electric Starter System
Parts Removal
‘ Starter Motor Removal/
Installation Notes
Starter Motor Disassembly/
Assembly Notes
Starter Relay Inspection
Brush Inspection
Brush Spring Inspection
Commutator Cleaning and Inspection
Armature Inspection
Brush Plate Inspection
Brush and Lead Assembly Inspection
Lighting System
Headlight Beam
Horizontal Adjustment
Headlight Vertical Adjustment
Parts Removal
Headlight Bulb Replacement Notes
Headlight Unit Removal/
Installation Note
Tail/Brake Light Bulb
Replacement Note
Tail/Brake Light Lens
Removal/Installation Note
Turn Signal Light
Bulb Replacement Note
License Plate Light Bulb
Replacement Note
Headlight Reserve Lighting
System Inspection
Cooling Fan System
Fan System Circuit Inspection
Fan Inspection
Fan Relay Inspection
Fan Switch Relay Inspection
Meters and Indicators
Parts Removal
Meter and Indicators Removal/Installation Note
Bulb Replacement Notes
Tachometer Inspection
Water Temperature Warning
System Inspection
Switches and Sensors
Rear Brake Light Switch Inspection
Rear Brake Light Switch Adjustment
Parts Removal
Removal Note
Switch Inspection
Junction Box
Parts Removal
Junction Box Removal/Installation
Junction Box Parts Removal Note
Junction Box Parts Installation Note
Fuse Inspection
Diode Inspection
Main, Starter Circuit, and
Headlight Relay Inspection
Turn Signal Relay Inspection
Junction Box Internal
Circuit Inspection
Electrical Wiring
Wiring Inspection

The Periodic Maintenance Table in this 1985-1988 Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator Service Manual Supplement covers:

Carburetor synchronization
Idle speed
Throttle grip play
Spark plug clean and gap
Valve clearance
Air suction valve
Air cleaner element clean
Air cleaner element replace
Fuel system
Cylinder head bolts and nuts
Evaporative emission control system
Battery electrolyte level
Brake light switch
Brake wear
Brake/clutch fluid level
Brake/clutch fluid change
Final gear case oil level
Final gear case oil change
Propeller shaft joint  lubricate
Nut, bolt, and fastener tightness
Muffler connecting pipe clamp bolts and
power chamber mounting bolts tightness
Tire wear
Engine oil change
Oil filter replace

Additional information

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