1979-2001 Kawasaki KE100 Two-Stroke Motorcycle Service Manual


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This book is out of print and no longer available from Kawasaki. We sold it for years but have been told we can no longer get it. This listing is for educational purposes only. If you need a KE100 manual click here to see an alternative manual.

This Official 1979-2001 Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1979-1981 Kawasaki KE100A and 1982-2001 KE100B motorcycles.

1979-2001 Kawasaki KE100 Service Manual Model Coverage

1979 KE100-A8 US Model
1980 KE100-A9 US Model
1981 KE100-A10 US Model
1982 KE100-B1
1983 KE100-B2
1984 KE100-B3
1985 KE100-B4
1986 KE100-B5
1987 KE100-B6
1988 KE100-B7
1989 KE100-B8
1990 KE100-B9
1991 KE100-B10
1992 KE100-B11
1993 KE100-B12
1994 KE100-B13
1995 KE100-B14
1996 KE100-B15
2000 KE100-B19
2001 KE100-B20

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