1969 Yamaha AT1M and 1970 Yamaha AT1B Series Service Manual

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Official 1969 Yamaha AT1M and 1970 Yamaha AT1B Series Factory Service Manual

This 118 page Official 1969 Yamaha AT1M and 1970 Yamaha AT1B Series Factory Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1969 Yamaha AT1M and 1970 Yamaha AT1B Series motorcycles. Please note that this original publication is out of print. This is a high quality reproduction.

The following topics are covered in this manual:

Chapter I General – Profile, Features, Specifications, Performance Curves, Tools and Instruments for Shop Service

Chapter II Yamaha Autolube – What is Yamaha Autolube?, Features of Yamaha Autolube, Handling the Oil Pump

Chapter III 5-Port Cylinder Induction System – Description of 5-Port Cylinder Induction System, Construction and Features Design of the 5-port Induction System

Chapter IV Engine – Engine Removal, Cylinder Head, Cylinder, Piston Pin, Piston Ring, Piston, Flywheel Magneto, Starter Dynamo, Crankcase Cover (RH), Clutch, Primary Drive Gear, Kick Starter Mechanism, Shift Mechanism, Drive Sprocket, Crank Case, Transmission Assembly, Crank Shaft, Bearings and Oil Seals, Carburetor, Air Cleaner

Chapter V Chassis – Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Rear Wheel Sprocket, Tires and Tubes, Front Forks, Rear Shocks, Gas Tank, Rear Swing Arm, Steering Head, Oil Tank, Battery Box and Tool Box, Frame, Handlebars, Miscellaneous

Chapter VI  Electrical System for AT1B-M – Description, Ignition System – Function and Service, Ignition Timing, Ignition Coil, Condenser, Spark Plug

Chapter VII Electrical System for AT1B – Description, Table of Component parts, Main Components, Connection Diagram, Starter Dynamo, Regulator, Ignition Coil

Chapter VIII Conversion of the YAMAHA AT1B for racing – Engine Tune-up, Modification of the chassis, Service Data (AT1B-M Specifications), Change in  Specifications, Miscellaneous Notes


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