New Holland 280 and 1280 Self Propelled Baler Parts Manual

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This 108 page, New Holland 280 and 1280 Self Propelled Baler Parts Manual provides parts information for New Holland 280 and 1280 Self Propelled Balers is a reproduction of an original New Holland 280 and 1280 Self Propelled Baler Parts Manual.

Table of Contents

Flywheel, Gearbox and Connecting Rod Main Drive Gearbox

Pick-up, Feeder and Knotter Twister Drive Assemblies

Tine Feed Gearbox and Shaft Group

Plunger and Slide Angle Group

Needle Yoke, Rod and Link Group

Twine Finger and Lever Group

Wire Carrier and Guide Group

Twister Assembly

Knotter Assembly

Metering Wheel Group

Main Frame, Tool Box, Tension Rails, and Chute Group Hydraulic Bale Tension Group Hydraulic Pump Pick-up Group Windguard Assembly Feeder Front Group Feeder Assist Group Feeder Rear Group Hay Guard Assembly Tine Bar, Tine Bar Drive and Cam Tracks


Front P.T.O. Group P.T.O. Bearing and Tube Group Rear P.T.O. Group P.T.O. Clutch Group Engine Mount and Main Drive Group Gasoline Line, Tank, and Belt Tightener Group Tongue and Hitch Group Convenience Controls Group Axle Assembly and Support Bale Tension Group Twine Box Group

MODEL 1280-Ladders, Control Deck, and Rail Group Chassis, Bumper, Housings, and Twine Box GrouK Seat and Control Center Shell Front Wheels and Steering Group Hydraulic Shift Group Hydraulic Tubing and Valve Group Electrical Group

Brake and Clutch Pedal, Shaft and Counter Shaft Group

Throttle and Vari-Drive Indicators and Shifting Group

Flywheel, Gearshift, and Rear Axle Group

Baler and Vari-Drive Group

Fuel Tank and Gage Group

Bumper, Wagon Hitch, and Shield Group

Flywheel Belt Tightener Group

Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly

Relief Valve Assembly

Control Valve Assembly

Suspension Seat Assembly

R. H. & L. H. Axle, Final Drive, and Brake Group Transmission Group Steering Gear


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