Massey-Harris Model 21 Colt, 23 Mustang, 33, 44 Special, 55 and 555 Tractor Shop Manual


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This 60 page Massey-Harris Model 21 Colt, 23 Mustang, 33, 44 Special, 55 and 555 Tractor Shop Manual is a condensed reproduction of the original, out of print, Massey-Harris Model 21 Colt, 23 Mustang, 33, 44 Special, 55 and 555 Tractor Shop Manual.

Covers the following models: 21 (Colt)-23 (Mustang)-33-44 Special-55 Ser. No. 10,001 & Up–555
Tractor serial numbers are stamped on side of the main frame.
Both diesel and non-diesel models.

Table of Contents
Belt Pulley
– Disc Type Brakes
– Shoe Type Brakes
– Not LP-Gas
– LP-Gas
– Adjust Over-Center
– Adjust Spring Loaded
– Overhaul Over-Center
– Overhaul Spring Loaded
Cooling System
– Overhaul Water Pump
Diesel Fuel System
– Energy Cells
– Fuel Filters
– Nozzles
– Timing, PSB Pump
– APE Pump
– With Live PTO
– Without Live PTO
– Cam Followers
– Camshaft
– Connecting Rods And Bearings
– Crankshaft
– Cylinder Head
– Engine Removal
– Ignition Timing
– Main Bearings
– Oil Pump
– Pistons And Cylinders (Or Sleeves)
– Piston Pins
– Piston Removal
– Piston Rings
– Rear Oil Seal
– Rocker Arms
– Timing Gears And Cover
– Valves And Seats
– Valve Guides
– Valve Tappets
– Valve Springs
Final Drive
– Axle Shafts
– Bull Gears
– Bull Pinions
– Non-Diesel
– Diesel APE Pump
– Diesel PSB Pump
Hydraulic Lift
– Adjustments
– Control Valve
– Mounted Cylinder
– Lubrication And Bleeding
– Pump
– Remote Cylinders
– Sequence Valve
– Trouble Shooting
LP-Gas System
– Adjust Carburetor
– Filter
– Regulator
– Trouble Shooting
Power Steering
Power Take-Off
Steering Gear
– Adjust Row Crop
– Adjust Standard
Transmission Overhaul
– Bevel Pinion Shaft
– BP And PTO Drive Shaft
– Countershaft
– Main Drive Gear
– Mainshaft
– Reverse Idler
– Shifter Rails And Forks
– Sliding Gear Shaft

Specifications included in this manual:
Engine Makes & No. Cylinders
Engine Model
Bore—Inches (Except H277)
Bore—Inches (H277 Engine)
Displacement—Cubic In. (Except H277)
Displacement—Cubic In. (H277)
Compression Ratio—Gasoline Std
Compression Ratio—High Altitude Gas
Compression Ratio—Low Grade Fuel
Compression Ratio—LP-Gas
Cylinder Sleeves
Pistons Removed From?
Main & Rod Brgs. Adjustable?

Firing Order
Valve Tappet Gap (Except LP-Gas)
Valve Tappet Gap (LP-Gas)
Inlet Valve Face Angle
Inlet Valve Seat Angle
Exhaust Valve Face Angle
Exhaust Valve Seat Angle
Compression Pressure @ Cranking Gasoline or Diesel
Low Grade
Ignition Timing Retard (Low Grade)
Ignition Timing Retard (Gas. & LP)
Ignition Advanced Timing (Gasoline)
Ignition Advanced Timing (Low Grade)
Ignition Advanced Timing (LP-Gas)
Injection Timing (RPE Pump)
Injection Timing (PSB Pump)
Flywheel Mark Indicating Ignition Retard Timing (Low Grade)
Retard Timing (Gas & LP-Gas)
Injection Timing (APE)
Injection Timing (PSB)
Ignition Breaker Contact Gap
Spark Plug Electrode Gap
Carburetor Make (Except LP-Gas)
Model Gasoline (Except H277)
Model Gasoline (H277 Engine)
Model Low Grade
Float Setting—Inches
Carburetor Make & Model (LP-Gas)
Governed Speeds

Sizes-Capacities-Clearances (Clearances In Thousandths)
Crankshaft Journal Diameter
Crankpin Diameter
Camshaft Journal Diameter
– No. 1 (Front)
– No. 2
– No. 3
Piston Pin Diameter
Intake Valve Stem Diameter
Exhaust Valve Stem Diameter
Compression Ring Width
Oil Ring Width
Main Bearings, Diameter Clearance
Rod Bearings, Diameter Clearance
Piston Skirt Clearance
Crankshaft End Play
Camshaft End Play
Cooling System—Gallons
Crankcase Oil (Less Filter)—QTS
Oil Filter—QTS
Transmission Oil—QTS
Differential Oil—QTS
Trans. & Diff. Oil—QTS. Row Crop
Trans. & Diff. Oil—QTS. Standard
Belt Pulley—QTS
Hydraulic System—QTS

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