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This Massey-Ferguson MF3505 MF3525 MF3545 Tractor Manual includes 112 pages of repair and maintenance information for Massey-Ferguson MF3505, MF3525 and MF3545 tractors.  Covers vary.

Table of Contents

Adjustment, Brake discs, Fluid and bleeding, Master cylinders, Parking brake

Remove and reinstall

Cooling System
Radiator, Thermostat, Water pump

Diesel Fuel System
Filters and bleeding, Fuel lift pump, Injection nozzles, Injection pump

Differential and Bevel DriveGears
Bevel pinion and ring gear, Differential, Differential lock, Tractor split

Electrical System
Alternator, Starter motor

Assembly R&R, Auxiliary drive shaft, Camshaft and cam followers, Connecting rods and bearings, Crankshaft and bearings, Crankshaft oil seals, Cylinder head, Cylinder sleeves, Flywheel, Oil pan, Oil pump, Pistons, pins and rings, Rocker arms, Timing gears and cover, Valves and seats, Valve clearance adjustment, Valve guides, Valve springs

Engine Clutch
Adjustment, Master cylinder, Release bearing carrier and slave cylinder, Remove and reinstall, Tractor split

Front System (Two-Wheel Drive)
Axle main member, Front axle support, Front wheel hub and bearings, Spindles and bushings, Tie rod and toe-in

Front Wheel Drive
Axle, R&R, Axle shaft and universal joint, Differential and bevel drive gears, Differential lock, Pivot housing and kingpins, Transfer case and hydraulic clutch, Wheel hub, spindle and planetary gears

Hydraulic Lift System
Adjustments, Draft sensing shaft, Electronic lift controls, Lift cover, Lift cylinders, Testing

Hydraulic System (Auxiliary)
Auxiliary valves, Hydraulic pump, Relief valve, Test and adjust

Hydraulic System (Main)
Fluid and filters, Hydraulic pump, Lubrication flow divider valve, Oil cooler relief valve, Test and adjust

Power Take-Off
Brake, Clutch, Control valve, Countershaft and drive gears, Driven gears, Output shaft and bearings

Rear Axle and Final Drive
Axle and bearings, Planetary assembly, Remove and reinstall

Steering System
Flow priority valve, Pressure test and adjust, Steering column, Steering control valve, Steering cylinders

Gear selector cover, Gear shift linkage, Main transmission, Powershift primary unit, Shift rails and forks, Tractor split

Intercooler, Overhaul, Remove and reinstall, Troubleshooting

Manual includes wiring diagrams for all tractors.

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