KYMCO Super 8 50 4-stroke 1st Generation Cyclepedia Scooter Service Manual – Printed

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This 186 page, KYMCO Super 8 50 four stroke 1st Generation (2007 and older) Scooter service manual is for mechanics who need to perform periodic maintenance, carburetor service, or complex tasks such as a complete engine overhaul.

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The KYMCO Super 8 50 1st Generation online scooter manual provides service, repair and maintenance information for the following KYMCO Super 8 50 four stroke 1st Generation  scooters:

KYMCO Super 8 50 4-stroke 1st Generation Models

Table of Contents

KYMCO Super 8 50 General Information

Engine Frame VIN Serial Number, Specifications, Service Precautions, Torque Values, Tools, Lubrication Points, Cable and Harness Routing, Wiring Diagram, Troubleshooting

KYMCO Super 8 50 Frame Covers / Exhaust Muffler

Frame Covers Layout, Service Information, Troubleshooting, Frame Covers

KYMCO Super 8 50 Inspection / Adjustment

Service Information, Maintenance Schedule, Fuel Line, Throttle Operation, Air Cleaner, Spark Plug, Valve Clearance, Carburetor Idle Speed, Ignition Timing, Cylinder Compression, Final Reduction Gear Oil, Drive Belt, Brake Shoe, Brake System, Headlight Aim, Suspension, Steering Handlebar, Nuts / Bolts / Fasteners, Wheels / Tires

KYMCO Super 8 50 Lubrication System

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Engine Oil / Oil Filter, Oil Pump

KYMCO Super 8 50 Fuel System

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Carburetor Removal, Auto Bystarter, Air Cut-Off Valve, Vacuum Chamber, Float Chamber, Carburetor Installation, Fuel Tank, Fuel Unit, Auto Fuel Valve, Air Cleaner

KYMCO Super 8 50 Engine Removal / Installation

Service Information, Engine Removal, Engine Installation

KYMCO Super 8 50 Cylinder Head / Valves

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Camshaft Removal, Cylinder Head Removal, Cylinder Head Disassembly, Cylinder Head Assembly, Cylinder Head Installation, Camshaft Installation

KYMCO Super 8 50 Cylinder / Piston

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Cylinder Removal, Piston Removal, Piston Installation, Cylinder Installation

KYMCO Super 8 50 Drive And Driven Pulleys / Kick Starter

Clutch / Driven Pulley Assembly, Drive and Driven Pulley Inspections, Drive and Driven Pulleys: Inspection, Service Information, Troubleshooting, Left Crankcase Cover, Drive Pulley, Clutch / Driven Pulley, Kick Starter

KYMCO Super 8 50 Final Reduction

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Final Reduction Disassembly, Final Reduction Inspection, Bearing Replacement, Final Reduction Assembly

KYMCO Super 8 50 Crankcase / Crankshaft

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Crankcase Separation, Crankshaft Inspection, Crankcase Assembly

KYMCO Super 8 50 Front Wheel / Front Brake / Front Suspension

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Front Wheel, Hydraulic Brake Drawing, Hydraulic Brake, Front Shock Absorber, Steering Handlebar, Steering Stem

KYMCO Super 8 50 Rear Wheel / Rear Brake / Rear Suspension

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Rear Wheel, Rear Brake, Rear Shock Absorber, Adjustable Rear Cushion

KYMCO Super 8 50 Battery / Charging System / A.C. Generator

Charging System Layout, Service Information, Troubleshooting, Battery, Charging System, Regulator / Rectifier, A.C. Generator Charging Coil, A.C. Generator Lighting Coil, Resistor Inspection, A.C. Generator

KYMCO Super 8 50 Ignition System

Service Information, Troubleshooting, CDI Unit Inspection, Ignition Coil, Pulser Coil

KYMCO Super 8 50 Starting System

Service Information, Troubleshooting, Starter Motor, Starter Relay, Starter Clutch

KYMCO Super 8 50 Lights / Instruments / Switches

Electrical Equipment Layout, Service Information, Troubleshooting, Headlight, Front Turn Signal Light, Position / Rear Turn Signal Light, Ignition Switch, Handlebar Switch, Stop Switch, Horn, Fuel Gauge, Fuel Unit, Auto Bystarter, Instruments

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