Cyclepedia Printed 2011-2016 Kawasaki KX250F Motorcycle Service Manual

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Do you need to service a Kawasaki KX250F four stroke motocross bike? The Cyclepedia Press LLC Kawasaki KX250F printed motorcycle manual features detailed black and white photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a veteran Kawasaki dealer trained technician.

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The Kawasaki KX250 F manual covers these Kawasaki motocross bikes:

2011 KX250YB
2012 KX250YC
2013 KX250ZD
2014 KX250ZE
2015 KX250ZF
2016 KX250ZG

Table of Contents

Kawasaki KX250F Periodic Maintenance
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Air Filter Servicing
Brake Fluid
Brake Inspection
Clutch Cable Adjustment
Compression Check
Cooling System Inspection
Crankcase Breather
Drive Chain Adjustment
Engine Idle Speed
Engine Oil
Exhaust Silencer Repacking
Fuel Line
General Lubrication
Spark Plug
Steering Head Inspection
Throttle Free Play
Valve Clearance

Quick Reference
VIN and Engine Number, Torque Specifications, Kawasaki KX250F Specs

Brake Specifications, Brake Discs, Front Brake Pads, Rear Brake Pads, Rear Brake Caliper, Front Brake Caliper, Front Brake Master Cylinder, Rear Brake Master Cylinder

Kawasaki KX250F Engine
Cylinder Head Cover, Camshaft Removal, Camshaft Installation, Decompressor, Cylinder Head, Valves, Cylinder and Piston, Right Crankcase Cover, Clutch, Kick Starter, Gearshift, Primary Drive Gear, Oil Pump, Magneto, Cam Chain (Timing Chain), Crankcases, Crankshaft, Crankcase Bearings, Engine Removal, Engine Installation, Transmission Disassembly, Transmission Assembly, Engine Specifications

Cooling System
Cooling System Specifications, Coolant, Radiators, Water Pump

Fuel System
Air Box
Fuel Injector
Fuel Pump
Throttle Body
General Troubleshooting
FI System Self-Diagnostics
Service Codes (DTCs)
DTC Troubleshooting

Final Drive
Final Drive Specifications, Drive Chain, Chain Guides, Engine Sprocket, Rear Sprocket

External Components
Handlebar, Levers, Radiator Shrouds, Seat, Fuel Tank, Side Covers, Front Number Plate, Front Fender, Rear Fender, Brake Pedal, Subframe, Skid Plate

Exhaust Pipe, Muffler

Tires, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Lacing and Truing

Front Suspension
Fork Removal and Installation
Left Fork Disassembly
Left Fork Assembly
Right Fork Disassembly
Right Fork Assembly
Fork Tubes, Seals, and Bushings

Steering Stem Bearings

Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension Specifications, Settings, Shock Absorber Removal, Shock Absorber Installation, Uni-Trak Linkage, Swingarm

Electrical System
Charging System
Ignition System
Wiring Diagrams

There are some common issues reported by riders of the Kawasaki KX250F for the model years 2011-2016.

Engine Issues: Some riders have reported issues with the engine, including hard starting, stalling, and poor idling.
Problems with the fuel injection system have been mentioned, leading to inconsistent fuel delivery.

Transmission Problems: Transmission issues, such as difficulty shifting or transmission failure, have been reported.

Suspension Concerns: Complaints about the stock suspension being too soft or requiring frequent adjustments.

Electrical Problems: Electrical issues, such as problems with the wiring harness, have been reported.

Excessive Oil Consumption: Some riders have reported higher-than-normal oil consumption, which may require frequent oil checks and top-ups.

Radiator and Cooling System: Overheating issues have been reported, particularly in certain riding conditions.

Clutch Problems: Clutch-related issues, including slipping or premature wear, have been mentioned by some riders.

Frame and Build Quality: Complaints about the frame paint chipping or peeling.

Brake System: Some riders have reported issues with the stock brakes, including the need for frequent adjustments.

It’s essential to keep in mind that individual experiences may vary, and regular maintenance and proper care can significantly impact the bike’s performance and longevity.

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