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34 Daytona 69 Not the Year of the Two-Stroke
All for Yamaha, except the rain and Suzuki and H-D’s Cal Ray born
By Gordon Jennings.
44 Suzuki T-500 Titan Mark 2
World’s biggest two-stroke twin, with 47 bhp to keep you ahead of traffic.
61 Bridgestone 200cc Mach II Road Sport and
Street Scrambler
Rotary valves and trick transmissions: They had to be faster than 175s.
55 Clymer-Tartarini Indian Velocette 500cc Single
Bolt a proud old racing engine into modern Italian running gear and you
get Floyd s combination.
67 Datsun 521 Pick-up Truck Racer’s Delight
Unpretentious and inexpensive: count on it to get you and your bike to the track.
42 AirfiIters Double the Life of Your Engine
Screen those particles, trap them, soak ’em in oil-but let that mill breathe.
By Dave Ekins.
50 Those Were the Days, My Friends
From romance in Britain’s rain to dispatch riding in Flanders’ mud
By Leonard Golding.
58 Kid on a Honda Or Maybe a Triumph 500
An accident investigator tells how to play it as a motorcyclist
By John M. Larsen.
6 Cheaters never prosper? Gordon Jennings.
8 Letters/The firing line is ready.
20 Downhill Straight/ Telling it like it was. Michael Shuter.
28 Service Tips/ How to wrench it right. Jess Thomas.
72 News From Eu rope/Whatever happened to factory teams? JimGreening.
80 Newsline/ Action for motorcycles, products and people.
96 Reader Service Guide
97 Classified Ads

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