Haynes Ford Fusion 2006-2020 Mercury Milan 2006-2011 Auto Repair Manual


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This Haynes Ford Fusion 2006-2020 and Mercury Milan 2006-2011 Auto Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2006-2020 Ford Fusion and 2006 – 2011 Mercury Milan automobiles. Some owners of the Ford Fusion have been plagued with transmission problems, engine rough running conditions and broken door handles but overall if you take care of your recommended preventative maintenance items you should be able to keep your Fusion running for a long time. The issues seems to crop up when owners forget to change their engine oil or transmission oil. This is an economy vehicle and is engineered to be cost effective. As such, there is little tolerance for neglect before individual components self destruct. If you want to keep your Ford Fusion / Mercury Milan running in the best shape possible, this is the manual to buy so you understand what needs to be done, when and how. You don’t need to be a mechanic nor do you need to do the work yourself to make this book a worthwhile investment. Having a basic understanding of your vehicle’s workings will help you communicate intelligently with your auto mechanic, which could save you money.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Tune-up and routine maintenance
Chapter 2: Part A: Four cylinder engines
Chapter 2: Part B: V6 engines
Chapter 2: Part C: General engine overhaul procedures
Chapter 3: Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems
Chapter 4: Fuel and exhaust systems
Chapter 5: Engine electrical systems
Chapter 6: Emissions control systems
Chapter 7: Part A: Manual transaxle
Chapter 7: Part B: Automatic transaxle
Chapter 7: Part C: Transfer case
Chapter 8: Clutch and driveshaft
Chapter 9: Brakes
Chapter 10: Suspension and steering systems
Chapter 11: Body
Chapter 12: Chassis electrical system
Wiring Diagrams

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