1912-1929 Harley-Davidson Service Bulletins Manual – Volume 1

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167 page, 1912-1929 Harley-Davidson Service Bulletins Manual – Volume 1

Note, this book is not a complete service manual, but rather a collection of service bulletins that expand and clarify various service procedures. Includes detailed motor and set-up specification charts and includes 2-cam, racing information and set-up specifications. Hundreds of photos and drawings and illustrations.

Sample of service manual bulletins includes:

How to Change a Sidecar Motor to the Solo Type

Do Not Use the Standard Gear for Sidecar Service

The Correct Sprocket Combination for Sidecar Service

Why it is Important to Use the Proper Type Motor and Gear

Summary of Essential Facts.

Why the Sidecar Motor is Logical for Sidecar Service.

The Difference in Construction Between the Sidecar and Solo Motor.

What to do When it is Desired to Change a Motor.

How to Change a Solo Motor to the Sidecar Type

Sleeve for Muffler Inner Tube

1917 Inlet and Exhaust Roller Arms

Removal of Mechanical Oiler Parts, Always Ship Drive Case and Drive Case Cover to Factory When One or More New Parts are Needed

The 1917 Head Fittings Are Adapted to all Models

Fittings Required to Attach Different Sidecar Models to Various Model

1915 Parts for 1914 Two Speed Hub

Special Clamp for 19/4 Sidecar

The Repairing of Worn Carburetors, Charge Reasonable

Rebuilding Generator on 1915 Electric Model

Inspection and Lubrication of Clutch Bearings

How to Take the Clutch Apart

The Harley-Davidson Two-Speed Hub

Lubricate the Two-Speed Hub every 1,500 Miles

Importance of Correct Shifter Rod Adjustment

To Adjust the Shifter Rods

How to Strip the Two-Speed Hub

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