Clymer Yamaha V-Star 1300 2007-2010 Motorcycle Repair Manual

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This Clymer Yamaha V-Star 1300 2007 2008 2009 2010 Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2007-2010 Yamaha V-Star Motorcycles.

This new Clymer V-Star 1300 title includes 365 pages, color wiring diagrams and hundreds of illustrations and original photographs developed from the complete disassembly of the machine. This manual covers the following models:

XVS13A (2007-2010)

XVS13CT (2007-2010)

Quick Reference Data

Chapter One/General Information
Manual organization/Warnings, cautions and notes/Safety/Serial numbers/Fasteners/Shop supplies/Tools/Measuring tools/Electrical system fundamentals/Service methods/Storage/Specifications

Chapter Two/Troubleshooting
Engine starting/Engine will not start/Engine performance/Engine noises/Engine lubrication/Cylinder leakdown test/Clutch/Transmission and shift mechanism/Fuel system/Fuel pump troubleshooting/Electrical testing/Electrical troubleshooting/Cooling system troubleshooting/Front suspension and steering/Brake

Chapter Three/Lubrication, Maintenance and Tune-up
Maintenance schedule/Cylinder numbering and engine rotation/Tune-up/Air filter/Engine compression test/Ignition timing inspection/Valve clearance/Spark plugs/Engine oil/Clutch cable free play/Shift pedal height/Fuel and exhaust systems/Throttle valve synchronization/Throttle cable free play/Control cable lubrication/Ignition and starting cutoff systems/Cooling system/Tires and wheels/Front fork/Steering head/Rear suspension/Drive belt/Brakes/Sidestand/General lubrication/Fasteners/Specifications

Chapter Four/Engine Top End
Finished covers/Cylinder head cover/Cam chain tensioner/Camshaft carrier/Cylinder head/Valves and valve components/Cylinder block/Pistons and rings/Specifications

Chapter Five/Engine Lower Head
Engine/Inspection plugs/Alternator cover/Flywheel and starter gears/Starter clutch/Balancer assembly/Cam chain and chain guides/Oil-water pump drive assembly/Oil-water pump/Crankcase/Crankshaft/Connecting rods/Break-in/Specifications

Chapter Six/Clutch and Primary Drive Gear
Clutch cover/Clutch release mechanism/Clutch cable/Clutch/Primary drive gear cover/Primary drive gear/Specifications

Chapter Seven/Transmission and Shift Mechanism
Shift pedal-floorboard assembly/Engine pulley cover/Engine pulley and housing/External shift mechanism/Internal shift mechanism/Transmission/Specifications

Chapter Eight/Air-Fuel, Emissions and Exhaust Systems
Frame neck covers/Fuel tank/Fuel valve/Fuel level sender/Subtank/Fuel pump/Fuel pump relay/Air filter housing/Throttle body/Throttle position (TP) sensor/Intake manifold/Fuel injector/Air temperature (AT) sensor/Intake air pressure (IAP) sensor/Lean angle sensor/Oxygen (O2) sensor/Electronic control unit (ECU)/Throttle cable/Evaporative emissions control system (California models)/Exhaust system/On-board diagnostic system/Specifications

Chapter Nine/Electrical System
Electrical component replacement/Electrical connectors/Battery/Battery box/Charging system/Stator assembly/Voltage regulator-rectifier/Ignition system/Spark plug cap/Ignition coil/Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor/Starting system/Starter/Starter relay/Relay bracket/Relay unit/Diode 1/Diode 2 (2007-2009 models)/Light bulbs/Headlight/Headlight relay/Tail-brake light assembly/License plate light/Turn signal assembly/Turn signal relay/Meter assembly/Horn/Speed sensor/Switches/Left handlebar switch/Right handlebar switch/Oil level switch/Main switch/Neutral switch/Sidestand switch/Clutch switch/Brake light switch/Fuses/Specifications

Chapter Ten/Cooling System
Cooling system precautions/Cooling system inspection/Hoses and hose clamps/Coolant reservoir cap cover/Coolant reservoir cover/Coolant reservoir/Coolant temperature (CT) sensor/Thermostat housing/Radiator/Radiator fan/Radiator fun relay/Water pump/Specifications

Chapter Eleven/Wheel and Tires
Motorcycle stand/Brake rotor protection/Wheel inspection/Front wheel/Front hub/Front wheel bearing/Rear wheel/Rear hub/Rear wheel bearing/Wheel pulley/Wheel balance/Tubeless tires/Specifications

Chapter Twelve/Front Suspension and Steering
Handlebar/Handlebar holder/Front front/Steering stem/Steering head bearing races/Steering stem bearing/Specifications

Chapter Thirteen/Rear Suspension and Drive Belt
Shock absorber and suspension linkage/Swing arm/Drive belt guide/Drive belt/Specifications

Chapter Fourteen/Brakes
Brake service notes/Brake bleeding/Brake fluid draining/Brake pads/Front caliper/Front master cylinder/Rear brake caliper/Rear brake master cylinder/Brake pedal-floorboard assembly/Brake disc/Brake hose/Specifications

Chapter Fifteen/Body and Frame
Body panel fasteners/Rider’s seat/Seat bracket/Passenger seat/Side covers/Left engine cover/Tool tray/Rider floorboard/Passengers footpegs/Sidestand/Front fender/Rear fender/Mudguard/Saddlebags and brackets (XVS13CT models)/Windshield assembly and bracket (XVS13CT models)/Windshield (XVS13CT models)/Specifications


Wiring Diagrams

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