Clymer Vintage Collection Two-Stroke Motorcycle Repair Manual


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This Clymer Vintage Collection Two-Stroke Motorcycle Repair Manual (Early 60’s to mid 70’s Two-Stroke Motorcycles) provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications basics for two-stroke motorcycles, as well as specific data for by the following manufacturers: Allstate, Benelli, Bridgestone, Broncco, BSA, Ducati, Garelli, Harley-Davidson, Hodaka, Honda, Kawasaki, Maico, Montesa, Moto Beta, Ossa, Puch, Rex, Sachs, Suzuki, Villiers, White and Yamaha.

Includes 352 pages of service data.

Single Cylinder Models

Allstate 150 and Sears 150

Benelli  Cobra, California and Scrambler

Bridgestone  90 Std., Trail, Mtn., Sport, 100 Sport, Gp and TMX

Bronco TX-9

B.S.A  D1 and D7

Bultaco 100, 125, 175, 200 and 250

Ducati  100 Cadet and 100 Mountaineer

Garelli KL100, KL100A, and KL100M

Harley-Davidson 125, Hummer, Ranger, Pacer (BTU), 165, Super 10, Pacer (BT)

and Scat

Hodaka  Ace 90, Ace 100, 100B, Dirt Squirt, Super Rat (100MX), 125 Wombat and 125 Combat Wombat

Honda  CR125M, MT125, CR250M, MT250

Kawasaki D1, C2SS, C2TR, MC1, MC1M, G3SS, G3TR, G31M, G3TR-100, G4TR, G5, KS125, KX125, F1, F1TR, F2, F2TR, F3, F4, F21M, F5, F6, F7, F8, F81M, F9, F11 and F11A

Maico  250, 360, 400 and 501

Montesa  125, 175, 250 and 360

Moto Beta  XC100 Enduro Raider MX

Ossa 160, 175 and 250

Puch 125 and 175

Rex  (See Garelli)

Sachs  K-103, 100/4, 1001/5A, 1001/6A, 1001/6B, 1251/5A, 1251/6A, 1251/6B and 1251/6C

Suzuki TS90, TC90, TS100, TC100, A100, AS100, AC100, B100-P, B105-P, TC120, TS125R, TS125J, TS125K, TC125J, TC125K, TM125K, TS185R, TS185J, TS185K, TS250, TS250II, TS250R, TS250J, TS250K, TM250J, TM250K, TM400 and TS400

Villiers  3K, 4F, 6F, 9F, 31C, 2L, 3L, 9E, Mark 31A, 32A, 34A, 35A and 36A

White 250 Shooting Star and 250 Super Sport

Yamaha  Yl-2, YL-2C, YA-6, L5T, JT1, HT1-B, HT1B-MX, AT1, AT1B, AT1C, AT1-M, AT1B-MX, AT1C-MX, CT1, CT1B, CT1C, LT2, LT3, DT100A, LT2M,   LTMX, MX100A, AT2, AT3, DT125A, AT2M, ATMX, MX125A, CT2, CT3, DT175A, MX175A, DT1, DT1B, DT1C, DT1E, DT1-MX, DT1C-MX, DT1E-MX, RT1, RT1-B,

RT1-MX, RT1B-MX, DT2, DT3, DT250, DT2-MX, MX250, MX250A, RT2, RT3, DT360A, RT2-MX, MX360, MX360A, SC500 and SC500A.

Multi-Cylinder Models

Allstate 175 and 250

Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin, 175 Hurricane Scrambler, MII SS and MII RS, 350 GTO and 350 GTR

Kawasaki  A1, A1SS, A7, A7SS, A1-R Road Racer, A7-R Road Racer, S1, S1-A, S1-B, S2, S2-A, S3, H1, H1-B, H1-C, H1-D, H1-E, H2, H2A, H2B

Suzuki T125, T125II, T125R, Adventurer GT185-K, GT-185L, T10, Olympian S32-2, X-5 Invader, X-5 Stingray, T200, TC200, X-6 Hustler, X-6 Scrambler, T20, TC250, T250 (X-6R), T250II, T250R, T250J, GT250K, GT250L, T305, TC305, T350, T350II, T350R, T350J, GT380J, GT380K, GT380L, T500, T500II, T500R, T500J, T500K, T500L, GT550J, GT550K, GT550L, GT750J, GT750K and GT750L

Yamaha YL-1, YL-1E, HS-1, HS-1B, LS2, YCS1, YCS1-C, YAS1, YAS1-C, AS2C, CS3B, CS3C, CS5, RD200A, YDS-3, YM-1, TD1A, TD1B, TD1C, YDS-5, YM2C, DS6, YR-1, YR-2, YR-2C, R-3, R-3C, R3 RR, DS7, R5, R5B, R5C, RD250, RD250A, RD350 and RD350A

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