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This 704 page, Clymer Polaris Sportsman, Xplorer ATV 1996-2013 Repair Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for the following Polaris ATVs:

Polaris Sportsman 400 (2001 – 2005)
Polaris Sportsman 500 DUSE (2001 – 2002)
Polaris Sportsman 400 HO (2011 – 2013)
Polaris Sportsman 500 HO (2001 – 2006, 2008 – 2013)
Polaris Sportsman 450 (2006 – 2007)
Polaris Sportsman 500 X2 (2006 – 2010)
Polaris Sportsman 450 Browning Edition (2006)
Polaris Sportsman 500 Touring (2008 – 2013)
Polaris Sportsman 500 (1996 – 2010)
Polaris Worker 500 (1997 – 2001)
Polaris Sportsman 500 RSE (2000 – 2002)
Polaris Xplorer 500 (1997)

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

This manual contains the following topics:


Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – GENERAL INFORMATION Manual organization, Warnings, cautions and notes, Safety, Serial numbers, Model identification (2004 models), Fasteners, Shop supplies, Tools, Measuring tools, Electrical system fundamentals, Service methods, Storage, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – TROUBLESHOOTING Water damage, Starting the engine, Engine does not start, Poor engine performance, Electronic throttle control (ETC), Fuel system, Engine, Engine lubrication, Cylinder leakdown test, Clutch system, Gearshift linkage, Transmission, Electrical testing, Electrical troubleshooting, Meter assembly, Front gearcase, Final drive, Front suspension and steering, Brake system, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – LUBRICATION, MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Engine oil, Oil pump priming, Oil pressure test, Transmission, Front gearcase oil, Front hub (1996-early 2004 models), Clutch, Air filter, Fuel tank vent hose, Fuel hose and filter, Brake system, Control cables, Cooling system , Exhaust system, Suspension, Tires and wheels, Lubrication service, Fastener inspection, Valve clearance, Compression test, Spark plug, Ignition timing, Idle speed, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – ENGINE TOP END Engine service, Engine cooling, Engine lubrication, Servicing the engine in the frame, Exhaust system, Cylinder head cover, Rocker arm assembly, Camshaft, Cylinder head, Valves and valve components, Cylinder block, Piston and piston rings, Camshaft chain and sprockets, Break-in procedure, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – ENGINE LOWER END Engine, Flywheel and stator plate, Recoil starter, Crankcase, Oil pump, Oil system one-way check valve, Break-in procedure, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – CARBURETOR AND FUEL SYSTEM Carburetor operation, Carburetor, Carburetor tests and adjustments, Throttle cable replacement, Starting enrichment (choke) cable, Fuel tank, Fuel shutoff valve, Fuel level sending unit (2004-on models), Air filter air box, Fuel pump, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM Fuel system initialization and starting procedure, Depressurizing the fuel system, Fuel line fittings, Throttle body, Fuel rail and fuel injector, Fuel pump, Fuel sender, Pressure regulator, Fuel tank, Crankshaft position sensor (CPS), Manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor, Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor, Idle air control (IAC), Throttle position sensor (TPS), Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor, Electronic control module (ECM), Self diagnosis, Throttle cable replacement, Air filter air box, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – COOLING SYSTEM Air cooling system, Liquid cooling system, Hoses and hose clamps, Radiator, Cooling fan, Coolant pump, Thermostat, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – CLUTCH AND DRIVE BELT Clutch system operation, Clutch tools, Clutch drying, Drive belt, Belt alignment, Drive clutch, Driven clutch, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – TRANSMISSION (1996-EARLY 2004 MODELS) Transmission, Transmission inspection, Shift shafts, Front output shaft, Transmission gearcase oil seal inspection and replacement, Shift selector linkage, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – TRANSMISSION (LATE 2004-ON MODELS) Transmission, Transmission shafts, Differential gear assembly (X2 and Touring models), Snorkel shaft, Shift selector linkage, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – FRONT DRIVE SYSTEM Front hub and Hilliard clutch (1996-early 2004 models), Front hub (late 2004-on, X2 and Touring models), Front drive axle, boots and constant velocity (CV) joints, Front drive shaft, Front gearcase, Front gearcase-Deluxe with active decent control (2007-on Sportsman 500, X2 and Touring models), Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Electrical basics, Electrical component replacement, Electrical connectors, Battery, Battery negative terminal, Charging system, Alternator stator, Voltage regulator, rectifier (1996-early 2004 carbureted models), Logic box (late 2004-2006 carbureted models), Capacitor discharge ignition (carbureted models) DC, Ignition system (fuel injected models), Ignition coil, Electric starting system, Starter drive gears, Starter solenoid, Headlight system , Taillight and work light, Indicator lamp (1996-2002 models), Speed sensor, Transmission switch, Resistor module (2004-on models), Shift indicator circuit (late 2004-on models), Differential solenoid (X2 and Touring models), Switches, Electronic throttle control (ETC) switch, All wheel drive (AWD) coil, Active descent control (ADC) coil (2007-on X2 and Touring models), Cooling system switch and sensor, Fuses and circuit breaker (2008 models), Speedometer, On-board diagnostics, Winch (so equipped), Winch contactor (so equipped), Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – FRONT SUSPENSION AND STEERING Front wheel, Front strut, Front strut cartridge and spring, Control arm, Handlebar, Tie rods, Steering post, Tires and wheels, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – REAR SUSPENSION AND FINAL DRIVE Rear wheel, Shock absorber, Rear hub and bearing carrier , Rear drive axle, Rear drive axle boot replacement (1996-1998 models), Rear drive axle CV joint and boots (1999-on models), Upper control arm (all except X2 and Touring), Lower control arm (all except X2 and Touring), Upper control arm (X2 and Touring models), Lower control arm (X2 and Touring models), Upper and lower control arm inspection, Stabilizer linkage (all except X2 and Touring), Stabilizer support (all except X2 and Touring), Stabilizer support and bar (X2 and Touring models), Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – BRAKES Brake service, Front brake pad replacement, Front caliper, Output shaft brake pad replacement (1996-1997 models), Output shaft brake caliper (1996-1997 models), Output shaft brake pad replacement (1998-2002 models), Output shaft brake caliper (1998-2002 models), Rear brake pad replacement (2003-on except X2 and Touring), Rear caliper (2003-on except X2 and Touring), Rear brake pad replacement (X2 and Touring models), Rear caliper (X2 and Touring models), Front master cylinder, Rear master cylinder, Brake hose replacement, Brake bleeding tips, Brake bleeding, Brake fluid draining, Rear brake pedal, Brake disc, Specifications

Polaris Sportsman Xplorer – BODY AND FRAME Plastic inserts, Seat, Side panel, Fender cover, Front fender, Front rack, rail and grille (1996-2004 models), Front rack and storage box (2005-on models), Front bumper, Radiator guard (1996-2003 models), Radiator brush guard (2004-on models), Brush guard grill and radiator side shield (2004-on models), Rear rack, rail and bumper (1996-2002 models), Rear rack and rail (2003-on except X2 and Touring), Rear rack and handle (Touring models), Rear fender, Rear quarter panel (X2 models), Footwell, Footwell support bracket (X2 and Touring models), Rear storage box (all except X2 and Touring), Cargo box (X2 models), Specifications


Polaris Sportsman Xplorer WIRING DIAGRAMS

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