Chilton Ford Escort and Mercury Lynx 1981-92 Repair Manual

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Provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1981-1992 Ford Escort and Mercury Lynx automobiles.

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Chilton’s Repair Manual for 1981-92 Ford Escort and 1981-87 Mercury Lynx is intended to teach you about the inner workings of your vehicle and save you money on its upkeep. The first 2 Chapters will be used most frequently, since they contain maintenance and tune-up information and procedures. Studies have shown that a properly tuned and maintained engine can get at least 10% better gas mileage (which translates into lower operating costs) and periodic maintenance will catch minor problems before they turn into major repair bills. The other Chapters deal with the more complex systems of your vehicle. Operating systems from engine through brakes are covered.

This book will give you detailed instructions to help you change your own brake pads and shoes, tune-up the engine, replace spark plugs and filters, and do many more jobs that will save you money, give you personal satisfaction and help you avoid expensive problems.

A secondary purpose of this book is a reference guide for owners who want to understand their vehicle and/or their mechanics better. In this case, no tools at all are required. Knowing just what a particular repair job requires in parts and labor time will allow you to evaluate whether or not you’re getting a fair price quote and help decipher itemized bills from a repair shop.

Before attempting any repairs or service on your vehicle, read through the entire procedure outlined in the appropriate Chapter. This will give you the overall view of what tools and supplies will be required. Read ahead and plan ahead. Each operation should be approached logically and all procedures thoroughly understood before attempting any work. Some special tools that may be required can often be rented from local automotive jobbers or places specializing in renting tools and equipment.

All Chapters contain adjustments, maintenance, removal and installation procedures, and overhaul procedures. When overhaul is not considered practical, we tell you how to remove the failed part and then how to install the new or rebuilt replacement. In this way, you at least save the labor costs. Overhaul of some components (such as the alternator or water pump) is just not practical for do-it-yourselfer’s; but the removal and installation procedure is often simple and well within the capabilities of the average owner.

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