Case / International 1190 1194 1290 1294 1390 1394 1490 1494 1594 1690 Tractor Workshop Manual

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This 112 page Case, International 1190, 1194,  1290, 1294, 1390, 1394, 1490, 1494, 1594 and 1690 tractor repair manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Case, International 1190, 1194,  1290, 1294, 1390, 1394, 1490, 1494, 1594 and 1690 tractors.

Table of Contents

Adjustment, Disc R&R, Hydraulic System, Shoes and Drums R&R

Remove and reinstall

Adjustment, R&R and overhaul, Tractor split

Cooling System
Radiator, Thermostat, Water pump

Diesel Fuel System
Bleed system, Filters, Injection nozzles, Injection pump

Adjustment, Differential lock, Differential R&R

Electrical System
Accessory system, Charging system, Starting motor

Assembly R&R, Camshaft, Connecting rods and bearings, Crankshaft, Cylinder head /Oil pump, Timing gears, Turbocharger

Final Drive
Assembly R&R, Overhaul

Front Axle (Two-Wheel Drive)
Axle main member, Front support, Spindles, Tie rod and toe-in, Wheel bearings

Front Drive Axle
Carraro axle, David Brown axle

Hydraulic System
Adjustments, Filters and fluid, Operating principles, Pump, Rockshaft and linkage, Troubleshooting, Valves

Manual Steering
Assembly R&R, Overhaul

Power Steering
Bleeding system, Operating pressure, Pump, Steering cylinder, Steering valve

Power Take-Off
Assembly R&R, Overhaul

Transmission (Power Shift)
Assembly, R&R, Overhaul, Pump, Range gearbox, Valves

Transmission (Synchromesh)
Assembly R&R, Overhaul, Shift levers

Manual does not include wiring diagrams.

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