Allison Automatic Transmission AT Series 540 Service Manual

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This Allison Automatic Transmission AT 540 Service Manual covers the description, operation, maintenance and overhaul of AT 540 Series automatic transmissions. Printed in June 1970. High quality reproduction.

Section content: Section 1 contains general information, specifications, and data. Section 2 describes the transmission components and explains their operation. Section 3 outlines maintenance procedures and includes troubleshooting data. Section 4 is general information required for overhaul. Section 5 covers disassembly of the transmission into subassemblies. Section 6 covers rebuild of subassemblies. Section 7 covers assembly of the transmission from subassemblies. Section 8 covers wear limits and spring information.

Foldout illustrations: Sevenfold-out illustrations at the end of this manual include a cross-section view of the transmission, a schematic view of the hydraulic system, and five exploded parts views which show  all  components  in assembly relation.

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