1983-1984 Kawasaki KLT250 ATV Supplement Service Manual


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This 1983-1984 Kawasaki KLT250 ATV Supplement Service Manual is a 78 page reproduction of the original, out of print manual. This manual MUST be used in conjunction with the base manual – item number: 99963-0050-01 – you need both manuals in order to service your 3 wheeler.

This service manual supplement provides supplementary service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for (1983-1984) KLT250 A, C and P series ATCs. That being said – where there are no changes from earlier models the information will be in the base manual.

This Service Manual Supplement is designed to be used with the KLT250 Service Manual, P/N 99963-0050-01. The maintenance and repair procedures described in this manual are only those which are unique to the models listed on the back cover. Most service operations are identical to those for the KLT250-A1 model. Complete servicing of the models listed on the back cover therefore requires both this Supplement and the KLT250 Service Manual. The Base Manual and this Supplement are designed primarily for use by trained mechanics in a properly equipped shop. However, they contain enough detail and basic information to make them useful to the owner who desires to perform his own basic maintenance and repair work. A basic knowledge of mechanics, the proper use of tools, and workshop procedures must be understood in order to carry out maintenance and repair satisfactorily. Whenever the owner has insufficient experience or doubts his ability to do the work, all adjustments, maintenance, and repair should be carried out only by qualified mechanics.

Table of Contents
General Information
Fuel System
Engine Top End
Engine Right Side
Engine Left Side
Engine Removal and Installation
Engine Bottom End and Transmission
Wheels and Tires
Final Drive
Front Fork
Controls and Instruments
Electrical System

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