1980 Kawasaki KV75-A9 Minibike Motorcycle Owners Manual


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This 1980 Kawasaki KV75-A9 Minibike Owners Manual is a reproduction of the out of print manual that originally came with your 1980 Kawasaki KV75-A9 Minibike.

While not a collectible original, this booklet provides operation instructions, safety tips, and maintenance for 1980 Kawasaki KV75-A9 Minibike.

Table of Contents

Serial Number Locations
Location of Parts
Location of Caution Labels
General Information
Note Before Operation
Transporting the Motorcycle
Front and Rear Brake Levers
Throttle Grip
Shift Pedal
Kick Pedal
Headlight Switch
Dimmer Switch
Engine Stop Button
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tap
Fuel Tank Cap and
Engine Oil Tank Cap
Choke Lever
Tool Kit
Breaking In
How to Ride the Motorcycle
After Transporting the Motorcycle
Starting the Engine
Moving Off
Shifting Gears
Stopping the Engine
Stopping the Motorcycle in an Emergency
Safe Operation
Safe Riding Technique
Daily Safety Checks
Maintenance and Adjustment
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Engine Oil
Transmissin Oil
Spark Plug Maintenance
Ignition Timing Adjustment
Air Cleaner Maintenance
Throttle Control Cable Adjustment
Throttle Cable Adjustment
Oil Pump Cable Adjustment
Carburetor Adjustment
Drive Chain Maintenance
Brake Adjustment
Steering Inspection
Front Fork Inspection
Rear Shock Absorber Inspection
Tire Inspection
Wheel Removal
Headlight Beam Adjustment
Bulb Replacement
Bolt and Nut Tightening
Troubleshooting Guide
Wiring Diagram

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