1965 John Deere 93-95 Backhoes Service Manual



This 81 page, 1965 John Deere 93 and 95 Backhoe Service Manual was originally published by the Deere & Company in 1965. The original manual is no longer in print but it is available as a high high quality reproduction of the original.

The 93 Backhoe is a single-position machine and the 95 Backhoe is a multi-position machine that can be offset for digging next to buildings, walls, or foundations.

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are used in four ways on the 93 and 95 Backhoes. Two cylinders are used to raise and lower the stabilizers; a boom cylinder is used to raise and lower the boom; a crowd cylinder is used to move the dipper-stick in or out; and a bucket cylinder is used to move the bucket to the dump or load positions.

A rotary, vane-type, cylinder is used to swing the boom during operation. A hydraulic swing brake is built into the swing cylinder to automatically slow the boom when it travels too far to the right or left.

The John Deere 93 and 95 Backhoes operate with two-lever control. The two-lever control, with its universal joint type hookup, provides eight operations. Both operating control levers provide normal simultaneous operation with minimum fatigue and effort to the operator. Two shorter levers operate the stablizers which are individually controlled.

The John Deere Backhoes can be used for a great variety of jobs, in addition to digging and loading dirt and other materials. They are adaptable to any trenching Job, such as working in cramped quarters, trenching sidewall excavations, or cleaning highway culverts.

This 1965 John Deere 93-95 Backhoes Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications. Specifically it covers Contents and Introduction, Description and Operation, Lubrication and Periodic Maintenance, Trouble Shooting, Swing Cylinder, Control Valves, Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps, Selector Valve, Relief Valves and Bypass Flow Regulator.

Table of Contents

Backhoe, Description, Backhoe, Identification, Backhoe, Specifications, Barrel Vane, Removal, Bearings, Measuring Inside Diameter, Bolts, High-Strength, Bolt Torque, Bolt Torque Chart, Boom, Attaching, Boom or Crowd Valve, Boom Pivot Casting, Installing , Boom, Removal, Breather, Cleaning, Bucket or Stabilizer Valve, By-Pass Flow Regulator, Cessna Control Valve, Cessna Pump, Check Poppet, Circuit Relief Valves , Closed-Center Hydraulic System , Control Valve, Control Valve, Assembly, Control Valve, Cessna, Control Valve, Checking for Leaks , Control Valve, Disassembly, Control Valve, Exploded View, Control Valve, Identification , Control Valve, Inspection and Repair, Control Valve, Installation, Control Valve Ports, Control Valve, Removal, Control Valve Stack, Control Valve, Theory of Operation , Crowd or Boom Valve, Cylinder, Hydraulic, Cylinder, Swing, Pre-Loading, Cylinder, Swing, Draining Oil from System , Driver, Seal, Dropping of Load , End Plates, Filling Hydraulic System, Filters, Servicing, Flow Regulator, By-Pass, Gaskets and Seals, Installing, Gear Pump, Gears, Shafts, and Housing, Pump , Gear Thickness, Measuring Pump , High-Strength Bolts, Hoses, Oil Lines, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders, Assembly , Hydraulic Cylinders, Check for Inter-, nal Leakage , Hydraulic Cylinders, Disassembly , Hydraulic Cylinders, Inspection and, Repair, Hydraulic Cylinders, Installation , Hydraulic Cylinders, Removal, Hydraulic Cylinders, Special Tools , Hydraulics, General Information , Hydraulic System, Hydraulic System, Closed Center , Hydraulic System, Failure to Operate, Hydraulic System, Open Center , Hydraulic System, Slow Operation , Lines, Oil, Service, Lift Check Cage and Check Poppet , Low System Pressure, Lubrication and Periodic Maintenance, Maintenance, Periodic, Micronic Filters, Oil, Draining System, Oil, Filling System, Oil Filters, Cleaning, Oil Foaming, Oil Heating, Oil Leaking, Control Valve , Oil Level in Reservoir, Checking, Oil Lines and Hoses, Oil Weight – Temperature Chart, Open-Center Hydraulic System , Periodic Maintenance, Pipe Plug Wrench, Power Beyond , Pressure Line , Pump, Assembly, Pump, Break-in, Pump, Cessna, Pump, Changing Rotation, Pump, Description and, Operation , Pump, Disassembly, Pump, Inspection and Repair , Pump, Installation, Pump, Noisy, Pump, Operational Check, Pump, Removal, Pump, Special Tools, Regulator, By-Pass Flow, Relief Valve on Boom Cracking , Repaired Pump, Breaking In , Restrictors, Valve , Ring, Wear, Cylinder, Rod Guide, Cylinder, Seal Puller and Driver, Selector Valve , Shaft and Vane, Swing Cylinder , Spanner Wrench, Specifications, Stabilizer or Bucket Valve, Swing Cylinder, Swing Cylinder, Assembly, Swing Cylinder, Control Valve, Swing Cylinder, Disassembly, Swing Cylinder, Incorrect Operation , Swing Cylinder, Inspection and Repair, Swing Cylinder, Installation, Swing Cylinder, Removal, Swing Cylinder, Special Tools, Swing Valve, System Relief Valve, Temperature – Oil Weight Chart , Theory, Hydraulics, Top Mounting Plate, Removal, Torque Chart, Trouble Shooting, V-Packing, Cylinder, Valve Cover, Removal, Valve Housing, Valve Spools, Valve Stack , Valve, Selector

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